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more on walking

I mentioned yesterday that we’ve been really REALLY good about walking around here. I blame most of that on the dog – even though he’s the laziest dog ever, we feel compelled to take him out for exercise. He just gets so darn excited about going out – his tail wags so fast and furious that his whole rear end shakes. It’s so cute.

He’s getting pretty good at walking without pulling  your arm off, too.  And even though I have to walk with a bag of chicken to keep him walking next to me, it is SO worth it.  Because getting your arm pulled off is miserable.  And he is 75 lbs of pure muscle.  My arm doesn’t stand a chance without the chicken.

So, yeah, he’s pretty good.  Until…

Oh no!  It’s the manuever we affectionately refer to as “the death roll” (“death” because it totally kills the walk).

See?  Not walking.

Yes, still just wriggling along the ground. (here is where I begin awkwardly looking around to see if anyone is staring yet).

Really, Barley, Come on.


Okay, boy, seriously.  (this is usually the part where I start trying to bribe him to get up and walk again).

Please!  Come on!  Here boy!  Here, here, here!  I’ll give you chicken!

A whole chicken!  Two whole chickens!  Please, just get up and walk like a normal dog!

(insert awkward stares from passers-by)

You don’t want chicken?  How about steak?  Please. Just. Get. Up.

Honestly.  This is ridiculous.  None of the other dogs do this.  Look!  That other doggy is walking!  Can’t you just walk?!?

OH.  Done.  Finally.  -sigh of relief-

If this is any indication of what kind of parent I’m going to be, the kids are totally going to walk all over me.

Only, I suspect chicken isn’t such a good bribing tool with kids.


June 26, 2008 at 10:34 pm 1 comment

Bill in my pocket (or on my shoulder)

Hi Everyone! I want to introduce you to my friend, Bill. (Everyone: Hi, Bill!) Bill is officially the most organized person I know. For example, we both have papers due July 1. Bill’s was written 2 months ago. And who has not even started writing her paper? Yes, yours truly. Also, Bill’s house, car, and desk are always clean. At least, I’ve only seen them when they’re clean. And dinner parties? Bill’s dinner parties are FANTASTIC. Why? Because he’s so organized about everything that when you get to Bill’s house, you have enough time for a taste of the appetizers, followed by a prompt dinner, and dessert! Bill always has dessert! This amazes me because I don’t think JT and I have ever thrown a dinner party where dinner was actually ready before 9:00pm. And travel with Bill? Unbelievable! Bill takes care of all the details well in advance, and you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. The bottom line? Bill is always so organized!

Jason and Bill pose for the camera in Quebec City.

Which is why I decided that I need a Bill in my pocket… or on my shoulder, for that matter. I’ve found that the secret to success with wedding planning (and house selling, and house buying, and starting a new job) is undoubtedly STAYING ORGANIZED. Anyone who has called or emailed in the last few months surely knows how disorganized and flaky I’ve been through all of this (because they likely did not get a timely response from me, if they’ve gotten one at all). But all that is going to change! I am determined to get organized! And, I figure the easiest way to do this would be to clone Bill, and put him to work for me. Right?

Bill on my shoulder. It could work, right?

Okay, maybe not. But a girl can dream, can’t she? Actually, I’ve started keeping a to-do notebook. I found a stylish little notebook that will fit in my purse, bookbag, etc, and I bring it everywhere. I’ve got one page dedicated to my current “to do” list and other pages dedicated to “wedding ideas.” I think this will organize my life in ways it’s never been organized before. Having everything in one place will be great, since I have recently been seen frantically sorting through the 45 post-it notes that have accumulated in my bookbag, desperately searching for the one note with the information I need.

My new best friend.

I kind of also love these notebooks from roska at etsy:

Cute and fun, no? I like the bright colors.

Anyone have any other suggestions on staying organized? What keeps you on track?

May 22, 2008 at 9:39 pm 4 comments

Jen: the college years

Ohhh… boys and girls, you are in for a real treat today! I’ve scanned some college pics, and (for better or for worse) I am ready to share all.

Freshman Year

This is my freshman year roommate, Mandy, and I washing dishes. It’s actually a historic picture, because we never washed dishes. We’d let them pile up until one or both of us couldn’t stand the smell anymore, and then we’d sigh and wash them. Gross, but true. What were we to do? We were too busy telling fairytales in ebonics, singing to Mariah Carey and Radiohead (you wouldn’t think those go together well, but they do), and hiding a pin that said “Say NO to malls on Hwy 9” in each others belongings.

Sophomore Year

This is my sophomore roommate, Sarah (we affectionately refer to her as “the boss”), and I in Colorado. If you can’t tell by the matching coats, we were on the ski team together. We had a great time as roommates and teammates, and as far as I know, her only complaint is that I never did the dishes…

Junior Year

I spent fall semester of my Junior year in Lancaster, England. This is my friend, Emma, and I at a birthday party. The birthday boy wanted a cowboy and indian-themed party, so we dressed like cowboys and indians. The whole semester was amazing! (I did finally wash my dishes at an appropriate time my Junior year).

Senior Year

Oh crap, I really hope Elizabeth doesn’t kill me for posting this, but I just about wet my pants when I found this. This is a picture from one of our favorite games – “Classic Pairs Through History.” Yes, we made it up ourselves. No, we weren’t drinking at the time. In this game, Elizabeth and I paired off against our suitemates, Kate and Kelly, and would suddenly show up in each other’s room dressed as a classic pair. The other team would have to guess what pair we were. See, really quite clever. Much more fun than beer pong, or whatever else you college kids are playing these days. If anyone can guess which classic pair we are in this picture, I’ll risk Elizabeth’s friendship and post another.

April 23, 2008 at 11:46 pm 5 comments

a letter from Barley

This found its way to my inbox today:

Dear Mom,

I know we spoke about this last night, but it appears that I need to reiterate our conversation.

You see, Dad likes to take me outside through the backdoor and I don’t mind it. I think he does it because he’s worried if I see another dog anywhere on our street, then I like to run away. For whatever reason he does it is fine because it allows me to relieve myself in the morning and after work (when I’z got to pee and poop bad!).

Anyway, the reason for this letter is that Dad almost killed himself on your red shoes this morning. The same thing happened last night and I talked to you, but now I’m going to put this in writing. I understand that you use those shoes in the basement and that those stairs are grody (believe me, I know since I go down them bare pawed). If you could just put them to the side of the stairs, then that would be great. Dad likes to open the door and then step down without looking (I know I always try to look where I walk, but it’s Dad and he’s a bit wacky) and stepping down onto your shoes usually causes some tense moments when I have to decide if I’m gonna need to go into protector dog mode and tell you that Dad has fallen down the stairs or I have to listen to his cussing before he opens the door and I pee all over the floor. Either way, it stresses me out and I’d prefer to not have that stress first thing in the morning.

I hope you are having a good day at work. I just want to let you know the house is safe. I barked at some guy who’s always sliding things through this slot onto our front porch and he went away.

I appreciate you listening to me and hope that we can resolve this matter without any additional altercations.


April 3, 2008 at 8:20 pm 2 comments


YOU GUYS!  I joined Facebook last night and I already have 15 friends.  FIFTEEN.  My popularity will soar to unprecidented heights now. <a hint of sarcasm>  Anyways, if you’re on Facebook, look me up so I can have more friends.  Barley is also on Dogbook, so you can be his friend if you are so inclined.

Also, last night I made veggie pilaf for dinner (but I added chicken, just for fun).  It gets 3 blahs and a slight thumbs down, since it had a hint of cloves and cloves reminded me of having my wisdom teeth pulled.  The blahs are because, other than the hint of cloves, it didn’t taste like much.

We went on more walks/runs yesterday because it was beautiful here – 49 degrees!  Fantastic!  It would be even better if we weren’t expected to get a snow storm on Monday, but we’ll enjoy the heat wave while it lasts.

We also begun the spring poo cleanup in the back yard (so gross).  We never picked up poo in Kentucky (Barley would do his business in the bushes there), but now we have a much smaller back yard, so let the fun begin!  uggh.

Also, we found some serious water in the basement yesterday.  Not exactly what you want to see in your newly-purchased house…  The water appears to have entered the house somewhere under the stairway, and we think it’s because the cement walkway along that side of the house is tilted towards the house instead of away from it.  Anyways, we’ve cleared the water/ice/snow away from the house in that area, and there doesn’t appear to be any more water in the basement today.   Cross your fingers it doesn’t come back!

March 14, 2008 at 7:10 pm 1 comment

one of these ladies gets an A+

…and I’ll give you a hint – it’s not the second one.

1. Jason’s cousin, Erin, was on her local news this week for starting a walking club at the school she teaches at.  Way to go, Erin!  It’s super-cool.

2. Oh man.  You have got to read this to believe it.  Half of me thinks “poor lady” – the other half can’t help but giggle.  They actually had to pry the toilet seat off and send her to the hospital with it still attached.  (Jason is half-convinced that wedding planning is going to throw me over the the edge of sanity, so if you don’t hear from me for a while, please make sure I’m not stuck in the bathroom.  I would hate to have people questioning why the bride has a toilet seat stuck to her rear.)

Now I will try to stop relying on the news and come up with my own material.  (even if real-life stories are much better than a lot of the stuff I come up with…).

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a case of the mondays

loldogs, cute puppy pictures, crankiness, I Has a Hotdog

Why do I love these stupid dog pictures so much?

Jason and I are sore and tired today, and since it’s heavily snowing, we’re hoping to get sent home early. Cross your fingers.

February 4, 2008 at 10:45 am 1 comment

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