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a new house!

We closed on our Minneapolis house yesterday. Yay!  Barley came with me (Jason had to work)…  I suspect he was bored.


There are too many boxes to count, but since we haven’t seen any of this stuff in 3 months, I suspect it will be a little like Christmas. (though I am a little concerned because the box labeled “dishes” makes a suspicious clinking noise when it’s picked up).

Barley loves his new house and has already met a playmate that lives down the street. He especially likes the big windows that he can look out, and since his brother, Karl, isn’t up on a table yet, he has fun watching Karl (and trying to get him to play, and whining quietly when Karl won’t play).

Let the unpacking and home improvements begin! (as in, today – so I can shower).


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You’ve waited a month…

Here are some updates:

1. We’ve picked a church, caterer, cake maker, florist, and bridesmaid dresses for the wedding. I also have my wedding dress! But I can’t tell you about that… it’s a secret!

2. The jobs are going well – I’m still getting settled at mine.

3. Living at my aunt & uncle’s house is still going well. Barley has settled well and Baylor (my aunt & uncle’s dog) is also adjusting. The two dogs are pretty funny because they’ve finally gotten used to playing with each other. Our only problem is that Barley gets a little carried away sometimes, and we have to get him to stop bugging Baylor. We typically do this by attaching a stuffed monkey toy to Baylor (Barley is scared of the monkey because the monkey’s head squeaks when you squeeze it).

Baylor and the monkey

Last weekend, my cousin, Jennifer, came home from college for a visit. We picked some pumpkins, and Jennifer, Jason, Catherine (my other cousin), and I carved them.

Jason and Jennifer pick out pumpkins

Jason and Barley pose with our finished product

4. Jason’s apartment has become a little crowded. Karl moved in with him when I came up here, and he has since adopted Gary, a baby ball python.

Jason and Gary, the newest inhabitant of Jason’s 200 square foot apartment

In other news about J’s apartment, there’s an albino squirrel living nearby. I’ve never seen an albino squirrel before.

the albino squirrel

5. Our Simpsons bowling league is surprisingly fun (and we get to watch episodes while bowling)! Jason is a super-star bowler, typically bowling in the 130s. I’ve broken 100 twice, and I actually beat Jason last week. We are also excited to announce that we’ll be receiving Simpsons t-shirts and bowling balls… I suspect we may join more bowling leagues in the future.

6. We bought a house. Oh man, oh man. I wonder what we’ve gotten ourselves into with this one. Hmm. In any case, prepare yourself for more home improvement stories this winter – if all goes well, we’ll close on the house in December. We’re pretty excited about the house and about getting to live together again after 6 months of being apart. We’re also really excited that we’re only 1 block from a greenway where we can walk Barley.

Jason and Barley on the greenway near our future home 

Here are more Fall Pictures:

Fall 2007

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It’s all about Karl

I thought I’d post some more pictures of Karl, since he’s the most exciting thing happening here (and because the pictures in my last post weren’t very good). Jason added a clay pot to his cage last night so that Karl would have something to hide in and Karl thought that J’s pinky was his dinner. As in, he was actually trying to swallow J’s pinky (apparently, snakes will usually just strike and let go if it’s an aggressive manuever). So, I think we might have to feed him soon.

Karl, enjoying his new home.

Silly Karl, Jason’s finger isn’t dinner!

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