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Facial Hair

Check out this guy:

In exactly 2 weeks, he’ll be my husband.

Let’s hope he has a little less facial hair at that point… Because the food that gets stuck in that facial hair is seriously grossing me out.  But, it is funny to see how amused Jason is with his facial hair.  (one of my friends has lovingly dubbed JT’s facial hair the “molestache” – because he looks like a molester.)


September 20, 2008 at 10:56 pm 2 comments


Hello blog friends! Sorry to go MIA for the past week. I suspect that my posts will be a little less frequent for the next few weeks/months, and just wanted to warn you in advance, so that you aren’t too concerned that I was eaten by our pit bull or anything similarly ridiculous.

We’ve now hit the point in wedding planning (t-minus 10 weeks to go), where we’ve got a million little details to tie up. I’ve also been given new projects at work, big projects, projects that could eventually help me get a faculty position.

So, naturally, all of these things require time and energy, and blogging must get left by the wayside!

Jason and I have also made a big effort this week to get out and do fun and relaxing things – Tuesday, we had margaritas with our fabulous coworkers, Tinen and Katie. Thursday was Tinen’s 25th birthday celebration at her parent’s house. It was an especially happy birthday because when she was 9, Tinen’s doctors said she’d be dead by 25 due to some health issues. Fortunately for us, she is in extremely good health and very fun to hang out with! The food at her party was delish – Tinen’s dad is a meat guy and made great steaks, and her mom is an *excellent* baker – she even made a cake with fondant on it!

Friday night, our friends Dan and Cheryl took us out – it was a great evening. We ate at a little cafe in Excelsior where their adorable daughter, Courtney, works, and listened to live music. And then, last night, we went out with Jeff and Andrea, and again, a fabulous time was had. Andrea offered to help with wedding stuff, which is fantastic, since it appears that help is needed around these parts!

Other than that, we cleaned the house a bit yesterday and will likely do a little more this evening. You know, the usual. Some days, usually when I’m cleaning, I think this house is just way too big for us! But we’re going to clean out the extra room and get everything ready for our new Swedish roommate, who will be arriving in just 3 short weeks! We can’t wait to meet her!!

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headed to San Juan

I don’t anticipate blogging too much this week, since I’ll be in San Juan for a conference (tough, I know!). But! I wanted to say a few things before I left:

1. Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Since I have no way of calling you, you’ll just have to look at this post when you get back from Canada (he’s on a men’s fishing trip this week in a remote area of Canada), and remember how lucky you are to have such a great kid (me).

2. Happy 6th month anniversary to our house on Tuesday! It’s been fun. And, we even survived our first power outage in the house last night (packing by candlelight is probably not a good idea… I have no clue what I put in my suitcase)! We promise to hang pictures on your walls soon, house (yeah, we’ve been here 6 months, built a fence and brick paver patio, but have yet to hang a single picture).

3. This week marks the 5th anniversary of meeting Jason! What a lucky girl I am to have met him and for him to stick around long enough to deal with my insanity! Ha ha!

June 15, 2008 at 6:09 am 2 comments

gas and graduation

Sorry to have left you all hanging for the weekend… as I may have mentioned before, I was in Milwaukee for the weekend to get some wedding-related things done and to see my little brother graduate from high school. Unfortunately, I had to do the entire 5-hour drive myself, which I am not used to at all. Also, I had to purchase gas, which I haven’t done in months (it’s a boy job, and frankly, I just don’t want to know what it’s costing us). So I pretty much threw a tempertantrum at the pump when it cost me $63.45 to fill up the Camry on Friday. -sob- Gone are the days when I could get a full tank for less than $30. -sniffle-

Anyways. Today it cost me $67.92, which caused me to have a stroke right there at the pump. But you’ll be happy to hear I was revived quick enough to head into work for the afternoon.  Oh, and I want to know: if I followed someone really closely (not that I ever do this), would I save on fuel?  And, if it meant I had to speed a little to follow someone, what speed would I effectively break even and the increased fuel usage of the over-55 speed would cancel out the decreased fuel usage of tailing another car?  I’m hoping the answer is 72, but I’m not sure how or why I came up with that number.  Note that I had 5 hours of alone time to do nothing but think.  And drive.  And this is what I come up with.  Yikes.

All this “the economy is in the crapper” talk recently is a little hard to swallow when you’re young, getting married, ready to start your own family. It’s like, “HOW ARE WE EVER GOING TO MAKE IT!?” And really, I have not a lot of reasons to be concerned, we’ve both got jobs, we are both able to meet our financial obligations each month, and we’re able to even save. But it just sucks (sorry dad, I know you hate that word.) having the deflated economy and high food and gas prices rubbed in your face when you’re working on developing a reasonable budget and future plans and all that.

I heard this really great report on WPR today as I was driving through Wisconsin. (Wait. Did I imply I was young in the above paragraph? Scratch that, I guess. Do young people even listen to public radio?). The gist of the report was that people ARE spending money and some areas of the economy ARE flourishing. Yes! NPR, keep those sweet reports coming. Hope! Apparently, the story is that consumers are finally changing their behavior, buying bikes and kayaks instead of cars and far away vacations. Some jobs are coming back to the US because the cost of shipping things from abroad has increased so much. Thank you, consumers. I have definitely seen a change in the number of people riding the bus, and MetroTransit has practically doubled service on the bus route that I normally take (as well as extending the route a few miles south). And, JT plans to start riding his bike to work now that the weather is warmer (he’s already calculated that he saves $4 every time he rides to work). So, I think this is good. And I hope we’re on the upswing (but my guess is that it will be a bit longer before we’re on the upswing).

Alright. That’s my two cents on the economy. [Disclaimer: I did get an A in college economics, but I think the tests were open book.]

Anyways. The real reason behind this post: MY LITTLE BROTHER GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL.

Can you believe this kid:

Is now this faux adult?*:

(the best part of living 1 state away is that I can spread this crap all over the internet, and he can’t do much about it. hee.)

*faux adult = someone who is over the age of 18 but still dependent on parents, etc for financial support. This is in contrast with a REAL adult, which is someone who is over the age of 18 and self-supporting. It’s an important distinction in my family… although, I secretly suspect that all of us may technically still be faux adults.

June 9, 2008 at 10:51 pm 9 comments

i can’t complain, but i do anyways.

Here is my post about why I should NOT complain as much as I do.

SCENE: Jen walks briskly to bus stop, worried she is late for the bus, since she usually seems to be late for the bus. A woman is standing close to the curb at the bus stop. She looks over at Jen.

LADY: Looks like it’s gonna be another nice day today.

JEN: Yeah, it’s going to be beautiful today. I’m bummed I have to spend it inside…

LADY: Why is that?

JEN: I have to work today.

LADY: Oh, well, at least you have a job. I’ve been looking for a job for a while now.

JEN: Removes foot from mouth.

So that was my little reminder for the week about how lucky I really am. For example, I have a job (have never thought of that as being “lucky” until this week), a house, a wonderful and supportive family, a loving fiance, and a doggy that always makes me laugh. What more could a girl ask for!?!

Also, I’ve recently found this story online about a family that experienced life (the birth of their daughter) and death (of the wife and mother) in 27 hours. It’s a great and very sad story, so if you’ve got 2 hours and a box of kleenex, you should check it out. It’s certainly a good reminder to be thankful for the people in your life.

And this should be a good way to end a very complain-y week.

May 9, 2008 at 9:55 pm 2 comments

long time, no blog

Just a few reasons why you haven’t heard from us in a while:

1. We’re* fixing the broken window in the garage. (or complaining about having to fix the broken window in the garage). Why? The garage is ancient and looks like crap anyways, right? Well, thanks to a little note from the City of Minneapolis, we had until April 11th to fix the window (which, is the least of the garage’s problems). Fortunately, my parents had trained us in window glazing in Kentucky, so we were well equipped with skillz to do it ourselves.

2. We’re* getting quotes for home repairs. And all of them are coming in higher than we want them to. $5,000 for a fence? You have got to be kidding me. Looks like we’ll be doing it ourselves. More on that (with photos) as it happens.

3. We’re* preparing to send save-the-dates. Okay, they’re done, but it wasn’t a small feat. I love how they turned out, though, so it was totally worth it.

4. We’re* doing our taxes. Yep, folks. This is the FIRST YEAR EVER that I’ve done them ALL BY MYSELF. I am officially a big girl now (I’m not certain, but this may confirm my “real adult” status). What can I say? My mom has such accounting prowess that it was always better for her to just do them (or at least help me do them). I am clueless when it comes to this stuff.

5. We’re* planning our trip to Milwaukee next weekend. Complete with meetings with our pastor, our cake-maker, and a florist. It will be a busy weekend, but I think it’s better to get this stuff done in advance.

6. We’re* complaining about the weather. Can you believe it snowed here today? Uggh.

*and by “we’re” I mean “I’m” – see post below. the madness has begun.

April 10, 2008 at 10:25 pm 4 comments


YOU GUYS!  I joined Facebook last night and I already have 15 friends.  FIFTEEN.  My popularity will soar to unprecidented heights now. <a hint of sarcasm>  Anyways, if you’re on Facebook, look me up so I can have more friends.  Barley is also on Dogbook, so you can be his friend if you are so inclined.

Also, last night I made veggie pilaf for dinner (but I added chicken, just for fun).  It gets 3 blahs and a slight thumbs down, since it had a hint of cloves and cloves reminded me of having my wisdom teeth pulled.  The blahs are because, other than the hint of cloves, it didn’t taste like much.

We went on more walks/runs yesterday because it was beautiful here – 49 degrees!  Fantastic!  It would be even better if we weren’t expected to get a snow storm on Monday, but we’ll enjoy the heat wave while it lasts.

We also begun the spring poo cleanup in the back yard (so gross).  We never picked up poo in Kentucky (Barley would do his business in the bushes there), but now we have a much smaller back yard, so let the fun begin!  uggh.

Also, we found some serious water in the basement yesterday.  Not exactly what you want to see in your newly-purchased house…  The water appears to have entered the house somewhere under the stairway, and we think it’s because the cement walkway along that side of the house is tilted towards the house instead of away from it.  Anyways, we’ve cleared the water/ice/snow away from the house in that area, and there doesn’t appear to be any more water in the basement today.   Cross your fingers it doesn’t come back!

March 14, 2008 at 7:10 pm 1 comment

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