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Christmas with the Boscov’s*

I sincerely hope that all of you had as wonderful and merry Christmas as Jason and I did.

Merry Christmas, from our house to yours!

(consider this your Christmas card for the year, with our recent move, sending real cards just wasn’t going to happen)



Christmas Vacation 2007 started off with a 5-hour drive, which included heavy fog, chipotle, cheese curds, and a whole lot of Wisconsin wilderness. Jason claims that the fog was so thick that he didn’t even know he passed Madison until we were almost to Milwaukee, but I can’t verify that because I was sleeping.

Saturday, we picked up a few last-minute gifts, watched Trevor’s hockey game, and headed downtown to check out some places for our rehearsal dinner. I think we finally settled on John Hawk’s Pub, a cute restaurant downtown on the river with yummy sandwiches and a casual atmosphere. Jason was a little disappointed that their beer selection didn’t feature more microbrews, but I think everyone will enjoy John Hawk’s anyways. My grandma threw a party Saturday night for our very extended family (featuring my great uncle, his wife, kids, and grandkids). The beginning of the night was a big awkward, since the last time the two families met was when I was barely walking, but everyone relaxed after while (perhaps it was the drinks?) and many stunning photos were taken (can someone email me some of those?).

Sunday was Boscov’s* family Christmas at my Aunt Kathy’s house, and as usual, the food was delish and the conversation witty. (actually, much of the conversation was NOT witty, but either a) funny or b) disgusting, but that’s family, right?). Anyways, it was a good party, and it’s fun to see aunts, uncles, and cousins that I don’t get to see often enough. My little cousin Lexy stole the show – she is such a ham – and I wouldn’t be surprised if she steals it again at the wedding (she’s going to be the flower girl), although she may have some serious competition from our very adorable ring bearers or our beautiful junior bridesmad and handsome junior groomsman. My other cousins are getting big and doing exciting things like going to college, so it’s fun to hear from them, too.

Lexy and I play ponies.

Jason and my uncle Brian celebrate their similarities.

Monday, we took my brothers last minute Christmas shopping. Robby managed to shop for the entire family in just under an hour, which impressed me greatly. I managed to pick out a shirt for my mom in that hour.

The boys cuddle in the backseat.

We then met my cousins over at the rink for some on-ice fun. We played broomball for a bit and then donned ice skates and pretended that we were figure skaters. Or at least I did. Which was ridiculous, because I a) am not fantastic on skates and b) was wearing hockey skates. Barley came out onto the ice and was immediately freaked out by its slippery-ness, so we escorted him off. After watching us for a few minutes, he gave it a second try and ended up chasing us all over the ice as we played broomball, trying to capture the ball. It was very adorable.

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a rousing game of broomball.

Barley: 1; Ice: 0.

Monday night we went to Christmas Eve Church featuring two very enthusiastic and entertaining pastors. We heard the story of the bird who saved Christmas during the children’s message and tested for connectivity (using an electrician’s tool) in the Christmas story during the sermon. Jason is pretty much never going back, and while I applaud our pastors’ creativity, sometimes it’s a little much. Sometimes on Christmas Eve, you just want a traditional service with a traditional message, and I’m not sure that’s what we got. Sorry, mom. On a happy note, we ran into my high school friend, Anne, at church, and I was pretty thrilled about that.

After church, we headed over to my grandma and grandpa’s house for another party (this one sans awkward extended family greetings, but including presents). It was fun – we tried a new gift exchange and it seemed to go over much better than I thought it would. Then we had to rush home to get in bed before Santa came, but we did make a little detour past a house that took its Christmas decorating seriously.

Jason: This is what I expect from you next year.

Tuesday morning, we were happily surprised to see that Santa DID visit us (and he even ate some of the cookies and milk that Trevor left out) and he brought lots of presents. It was officially the *happiest* day of Trevor’s life (his own words) – he got the *cutest* little puppy for Christmas!! Barley was also thrilled about his new cousin, and watched him and sniffed him in complete amazement. It was the cutest thing we’ve seen since Peter’s visit in the airport 2 weeks ago.

Comet: best Christmas present EVER.

After we opened the gifts from Santa and my parents, we headed over to my grandparent’s again for Christmas lunch, another delicious meal. Seriously, if I could eat mashed potatoes and turkey every day, I would be a happy girl. Throw on some of that cranberry sauce with the marshmallows and I’d be in heaven, especially if I didn’t have to make it myself.

Comet curls up in Catherine’s lap.

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday morning was spent playing with our new gifts – especially the puppy! Trevor and my dad even made rootbeer with the kit Trev got for Christmas, and Trev and Jason may go into business together if Trevor’s beermaking becomes a serious hobby. We were very sad to leave after such a *fantastic* weekend, but Wednesday night we found ourselves back in Minneapolis, just in time to shovel 10″ of snow and open presents sent by Jason’s parents and aunt and uncle. We are lucky, lucky kids.

I shall call him Mini-Me.

Here are the rest of the pictures:

Christmas 2007

*Note: We did not actually spend Christmas with any Boscov’s… that has become Jason’s affectionate name for my mom’s family, since he knew my grandmother’s last name started with a B, but couldn’t remember the rest of it.


December 31, 2007 at 3:47 pm 1 comment

all i want for christmas is my two front teeth

Well, not really. I’ve got them already. But the following 2 items would be *especially* nice:

1. fresh snow.

2. someone to unpack and set up the house while we’re away this weekend.

I will gladly accept any other gifts that anyone else would like to bestow upon me, however.

We’ll be headed to Milwaukee this evening (after I am witness to some nasty lab stuff. I won’t go into details.). I am quite happy to report that we’ve (read: I’ve) wrapped all of our Christmas presents (except for those that Jason needs to ship to Philly, which he promises to do next week – apologies for those of you on the East Coast without prezzies – it’s Jason’s fault). Barley helped.

Barley loves wrapping (and rapping).

We were also able to decorate our tree, which is enormous and full and beautiful (we even had to cut the top off so that it would fit in the room), and the stockings have been hung by the chimney. Also, we attempted to take pictures of Barley in a Santa hat for the “Merry Christmas” emails I plan to send next week (sorry folks, sending Christmas cards was just not going to happen this year – I can barely find clean socks and underwear each morning, let alone my address book). He just doesn’t look very merry.

“Merry $*%# Christmas. Can I take off the hat now?”

December 21, 2007 at 1:31 pm 1 comment


We got about 5″ of snow yesterday!

In the midst of the snow, we managed to secure a Christmas tree. Problem #1: we don’t quite have a house to put it in. So, we put it in the garage of our future home and we’re crossing our fingers that it will still be there on the 11th.

We get to move here in 9 days!

Problem #2: Halfway to the house, we realized that neither one of us had a knife or scissors or any other means of getting the tree off of the car.  So I pulled on it.  A lot.  And it finally came off.

I am stronger than I look.

The snow is amazing.  I love every minute of it!  Barley, however, is not as impressed.  In fact, he is so un-impressed with the snow that he refuses to go out.  Ever.  Which is a problem, when your toilet is the backyard.  Ohh… I owe my aunt and uncle big time.

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