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Code Red, Purple Building

… a post in which I am a little cynical about work, but provide rationale for overall happiness.

2-3 times each work day, I hear the building’s alert system. It’s always “code (insert color here), (insert another color here) building”. Easy enough to ignore, right?

But the other day, I heard, “Code Red, Purple Building” and thought: red = fire. Oh crap. What building am I in? I don’t think it was the purple building. At least, I didn’t see or smell a fire, and no one fled. Mystery… I still am not sure what building I’m in, so I hope that someone will come get me if there really is a fire. I mean, I was told at new employee training that I am to consult my supervisor before using a fire extinguisher, so my only hope is that someone will let me know what’s going on.

Another thing about work that I think is quite silly is this notice: St Patrick’s Day Fun. I suspect work is trying to boost morale by allowing us to wear “green and jeans” on Monday (provided I have my supervisor’s permission, of course). Now I am certain that my employer is not the only one to support such activities, but it’s just a little too reminiscent of high school spirit days. What’s next? Clash day? Having said that, I do appreciate the effort to make work a more ‘fun’ experience, and I probably would appreciate it even more if I wasn’t already wearing jeans to work every day. But really, if you want to make work more ‘fun’ for me, I would suggest the following: a couple extra $$ on the paycheck, a few hours off, less confusing fire codes, someone to finish all the papers I’ve got left from grad school and UK.

Anyways, despite that cynical rant on fire alarms and spirit days, we really do have a lot to be happy about today.

First, Jason’s family welcomed a new addition yesterday. Congrats Marty (Jason’s cousin) and Cailin! We’re excited to meet the little guy (and his mom… we haven’t even gotten to meet her yet!).

Second, Barley was so so so well behaved at school last night. He was attentive, adorable, and did everything I asked him to. The teachers even used him as an example. With any luck, Barley will pass level 1 and get to wear a cute little hat like his cousin, Comet, did at his doggy school graduation.

Congrats to Trevor and Comet!  Barley hopes to follow in Comet’s footsteps someday soon.

Barley gets cuddles for his excellent doggy school performance. 

To reward him for his efforts, Jason took him for a long walk this afternoon and we made doggy treats together.

Barley helps me make doggy treats.

A third reason to be happy? It was in the 40s today and sunny. It’s my third-favorite part of winter – the warm up. (my first favorite is the first snow, and my second favorite is anytime it snows a lot after that). Having purchased new shoes, a knee brace, and official wick-away-your-sweat running clothes, I hit the trails in full force today. Jason took Barley on a 2-mile walk, and B-dog came home sooo tired. There were tons of people and dogs walking and running around the lake near our house, so I am certain our doggy enjoyed not only the walk, but also the people- and doggy-watching.

And fourth! Jason gave a stunning presentation at work today, and even wore dress clothes! I can’t actually verify the above statement about the presentation, but I hope it’s true.

Check out Jason in his “I-have-a-real-grown-up-job” outfit.


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barley *loves* his new house

I think Barley’s favorite thing about the new house is the windows. He’ll sit and look out them for hours. He will occasionally bark at someone walking by – the other day, it was a man carrying a Starbucks coffee (we suspect he prefers Caribou, because he likes to support local businesses).

Oh man, I could sit here all day.

He’s also learned to do his job in the neighbor’s yard (good boy!). We didn’t even have to train that behavior.

He’s been remarkably good the past few days – he is normally a very good dog, but we think he is even more so because he’s not even remotely interested in any of the boxes or other junk we’ve got laying around, and the doggy food and treats have been laying on the floor since we moved in and he hasn’t touched it at all.

Jeez you guys, pick up your crap.

Other than obsessing about Barley’s good-ness, we’ve been busy cleaning, putting furniture back together (thank you, Ikea, for making things that are easy to move), moving furniture from one room to another, and doing other minor fixes.

“Barley, this is a tool, it’s what separates us.” -JTR, 8/14/07

In other good news, despite some skepticism, we managed to rig up a shower (the house didn’t have one before), and it only looks slightly ghetto.

Yes, that is a handheld shower, and yes, it’s super-cold when you have to put down the handheld shower to wash your hair.

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note to self: you are no longer 21.

I had leftover chicken from last weekend’s cookout, and I stuffed some of it in Barley’s Kong. It took him over 4 hours to get it out.

The Kong: entertainer of the year

I’d like to say that it was a very productive 4 hours, since I’ve got quite a lot on my plate now, but it really wasn’t. I napped. (or tried to nap – every time I’d fall asleep, Barley would get the Kong stuck under the couch or Jason would call, and I’d wake up).

Why the nap? Because I went out Thursday night for 2-for-1 margarita night, and even though I intended to eat some tacos and leave after an hour, I ended up out with the gang until 1:30. AM. And I was so sleepy (and a little dehydrated) Friday morning that work was less fun than usual. Oh man. Oh man. I clearly am not in college any more, because if I were, getting less than 4 hours of sleep (and drinking multiple margs) would NOT have been an issue.

More proof that I’m not 21 anymore:

21-year olds do not bake doggy treats on a Saturday night

Yes, those are home-made dog treats. I was feeling a bit Martha Stewart-ish today, and decided to cook. Dog treats.

mmm… doggy treats…

Barley is pretty impressed with them. And they were really easy to make. In fact, both recipes are inventions of my own, based on other doggy treat recipes and the supplies that I already had in my cupboard. Here are the recipes, in case you want to make your own:

Barley’s Banana Bites

  • 1 cup Whole Wheat Flour
  • 2 tbsp Honey (heated in the microwave, so its easier to mix)
  • 1/4 cup Crisco
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Banana (when they start to go bad, I freeze them, so I actually used a frozen Banana for this recipe)

Mix ingredients. Form into cookie shapes and bake at 350 degrees for 20 min.

Chicken and Rice Balls

  • 1/2 can Chicken Stock
  • 2-3 cups Whole Wheat Flour
  • 1/4 cup Crisco
  • 1 Egg
  • 2 tbsp Brown Sugar
  • Rice, leftover from last week’s takeout

Mix ingredients. Form into balls. Bake at 350 for 20-25 min.

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