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Happy Birthday, Ashley!

It’s my baby sister’s birthday today.  Hope it’s a good one, Ash! (just for fun, an old pic of us on the beach)


October 22, 2008 at 8:10 pm 3 comments

a good sign

I was in Boston for a conference in August. I came home from the conference, unpacked my stuff, moved the suitcase to my closet.

4 weeks ago, I looked through the closet and realized that I was missing two dresses.  One of which was the only dress I ever paid full price for.  Yep, it was awesome enough for this always-looking-for-a-sale girl to buy even though it was not on sale.  That should say something about how awesome it was.

I was super-bummed.

I called the hotel and left messages on random answering machines.  Then, things got busy for a few weeks.  I called last week and was sent (by the hotel operator) to random numbers where I left messages again.  Desperate messages.

So when I actually reached a real live person today, and that real live person told me that they’d call me back, I seriously doubted it.

And then, at 8pm tonight, I got the most amazing phone call – THEY HAVE MY DRESSES AND THEY’RE GOING TO SEND THEM BACK TO ME! The woman on the other end of the phone laughed about how excited I was to hear the good news.  So, even if she insisted on spelling Minneapolis Minneooiss (seriously, I could not get her to spell it right), I will likely get my dress back!  YES!

After I realized I had forgotten the dresses, I decided it was a sign that things in my life were too busy and chaotic.  So I’m going to take this as a sign that things are back on track.  Woohoo!

October 20, 2008 at 10:38 pm 2 comments

wedding recaps!

Just thought I’d post a note here to let you know that I’m posting wedding recaps over at our wedding website, so go take a look! We’ll even be posting our favorite pictures from the photobooth!!

Also, if you were at the wedding and took pictures, don’t forget to head over to and upload your pictures. I’m having so much fun looking through all of them! Keep them coming!

So… posting here will be light, if at all in the upcoming days/weeks since digging through wedding photos and reliving wedding memories will be taking up much of my free time…

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we’re on our way…

… to Milwaukee!

We’ve got everything packed and even had time to have a pre-crazy-wedding weekend brunch together.

See (most of) you soon!

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