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1 week from today (Sunday)

In exactly 1 week, I’ll be on my honeymoon (PS if you want to hear a 20-min story from JT, ask him where the term “honeymoon” comes from. Hint: it has to do with beer.)

Exhausted from a big party the night before, JT and I will have said our goodbyes to out-of-town guests, opened presents with my family and those that don’t leave ’till Monday. Then we’ll have packed up the car and driven 3 hours.

We rented a cabin in northern Wisconsin for 5 days, and we’re really excited to just get away from it all for a few days (please, don’t call unless its an emergency!). We’re staying at the Chanticleer Guest House, a B&B that also doubles as a working sheep farm. We’ll have a whole cabin to ourselves, and that cable has a fireplace and cable TV. So I’m pretty much going to be parked in front of the TV all week, with a glass of wine in my hand, and a roaring fire near me. Except for when we decide to go hiking or biking in the nearby state parks, or when we stop in nearby towns to shop, go to wineries, or eat out. Sturgeon Bay is the closest town to the cabins, but we’ll likely explore other towns in Door County as well. It’ll be a great week!

FYI: This is where door county is.


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1 week from today (Saturday)

In just 1 short week I’ll be married!  It’s going to be one heck of a party!

Things are mostly ready to go…  just a few little details to be taken care of still.  JT and I continue to work on wedding surprises.  I continue to check the weather forecast every 3 minutes.  Both and are saying that it will be sunny and 60s on Saturday, so I’m crossing my fingers that they don’t change their minds in the next 7 days, and also that they’re both accurate.

Anyways, since there’s been some concern re: the candy bar, I want to assure you all (and especially Dr. Probability Theory) that we’ve got over 40 lbs of sugary substances waiting eagerly to be devoured.

Eek.  1 whole week.  I can’t believe it’s coming up so quickly!  All of the planning and scheming and we’ll finally get to see it come to fruition.  I am really excited, a little nervous, and even a tiny bit sad that this crazy wedding-planning ride will be over in a week.

I took Barley to the doggy park this morning while Jason ran some errands.  He had a great time, and came home covered in sand.  He got several compliments on how pretty he is – in fact, if I get half that many compliments next week, I’ll be a happy bride.  We spent the afternoon bathing him, cleaning the house, and bottling beer for the skating party.  Barley’s exhausted now, and I think JT and I are, too.

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1 week from today (Thursday)

I’ll be at John Hawk’s Pub boozing chatting it up with the wedding party and out of town guests! suggests that there is a 60% chance of rain next Saturday. says it will be sunny.  Now, I know I have no control over these things, but I am inclined to go with accuweather’s take on things.  (and I am also inclined to obsessively check and report on the weather for the next 9 days).

Tonight we’re working on finalizing the ceremony, filling out a worksheet given to us by the photographer, and preparing one of our wedding surprises.  Just a few last minute details, although it seems silly that the ceremony should be one of the last things that we prepare, since it is actually the most important part of the day!

I’m getting more and more excited about being surrounded by our loved ones every day.  How great will it be to have (almost) everyone that we love in one room at one time!?!

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1 week from today (Wednesday)

In exactly 1 week, we’ll be in Milwaukee for the festivities!  It’s hard to believe that after spending the past 13 months dreaming and scheming about the wedding, it’s actually happening.  I mean, I always knew it would happen, it just always seemed so far away.  And now?  It’s almost here!

A few months ago, the planning got really stressful and hectic.  There was so much to do and only 3 months to do it in!  And things got bad.  Very, very bad.  And I got stressed out.  Very, very stressed out.  And the last 2 months have been really hard.  So much to do and so little time to do it in!

But now?  I’m finding that I am less stressed out and seriously more relaxed.  Sure, I still have my moments (apologies to my mom and Jason who have witnessed most of them), but they’re fewer and farther between.  I am happy to find that this is the case – in fact, I would have thought it would be the opposite.  But I think that, at this point, the wedding is going to happen, and it’s going to be great regardless of whether I’ve got menus printed or seating cards perfectly made.

Having said that, I do hope everything goes according to plan.  I hope I’ll have the time to finish these last  minute projects and relax.  I hope I’ll get a chance to clean my very. dirty. and. disgusting. house before we leave next week.  But, well, if it doesn’t happen, at least we’ve got our vows written, right?

We’ve spent much of this week finishing little odds and ends…  lots of printing, cutting, and using my sticker maker (best. wedding. purchase. ever.).  We’ve both hit the salon for some wedding hairdos (mine only cost 10x what Jason’s cost… yikes!), and we’ve been plotting some top-secret wedding surprises.

And, now that we’re only 11 days out, I can start compulsively checking the weather.  Let’s hope that the rain scheduled for next week doesn’t continue into the weekend…

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our to do list is getting shorter

(expect nothing but wedding-related posts this week and next. it’s all I can think about.)

We got quite a lot done this weekend! Which means that our pre-wedding to do list is getting shorter.

Table assignments. check.

Candy bar candy. check.

Rehearsal dinner dress. check.

Honeymoon arrangements. check.

Menu cards designed and printed. check.

Stickers to seal the candy bar treat bags. check.

Doggy arrangements (thanks Aunt T & Uncle M, Andrea, Jeff, & Sanna). check.

Fiance with a super-pervy-looking moustache. check.

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Facial Hair

Check out this guy:

In exactly 2 weeks, he’ll be my husband.

Let’s hope he has a little less facial hair at that point… Because the food that gets stuck in that facial hair is seriously grossing me out.  But, it is funny to see how amused Jason is with his facial hair.  (one of my friends has lovingly dubbed JT’s facial hair the “molestache” – because he looks like a molester.)

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2 weeks from today…

I’ll be in Milwaukee, rehearsing for one of the biggest moments of my life.


Is anyone else in complete disbelief that I am actually a bride-to-be? It just hit me the other day.

There is so much to do!

I know I should just take a deep breath, and remind myself that, hey, if everything doesn’t get done, so what – the best part of the day is that I’ll actually be getting married to my best friend.

But then I remember that we don’t even have our vows written yet.

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