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Hello blog friends! Sorry to go MIA for the past week. I suspect that my posts will be a little less frequent for the next few weeks/months, and just wanted to warn you in advance, so that you aren’t too concerned that I was eaten by our pit bull or anything similarly ridiculous.

We’ve now hit the point in wedding planning (t-minus 10 weeks to go), where we’ve got a million little details to tie up. I’ve also been given new projects at work, big projects, projects that could eventually help me get a faculty position.

So, naturally, all of these things require time and energy, and blogging must get left by the wayside!

Jason and I have also made a big effort this week to get out and do fun and relaxing things – Tuesday, we had margaritas with our fabulous coworkers, Tinen and Katie. Thursday was Tinen’s 25th birthday celebration at her parent’s house. It was an especially happy birthday because when she was 9, Tinen’s doctors said she’d be dead by 25 due to some health issues. Fortunately for us, she is in extremely good health and very fun to hang out with! The food at her party was delish – Tinen’s dad is a meat guy and made great steaks, and her mom is an *excellent* baker – she even made a cake with fondant on it!

Friday night, our friends Dan and Cheryl took us out – it was a great evening. We ate at a little cafe in Excelsior where their adorable daughter, Courtney, works, and listened to live music. And then, last night, we went out with Jeff and Andrea, and again, a fabulous time was had. Andrea offered to help with wedding stuff, which is fantastic, since it appears that help is needed around these parts!

Other than that, we cleaned the house a bit yesterday and will likely do a little more this evening. You know, the usual. Some days, usually when I’m cleaning, I think this house is just way too big for us! But we’re going to clean out the extra room and get everything ready for our new Swedish roommate, who will be arriving in just 3 short weeks! We can’t wait to meet her!!


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