Weddings That I’ve Been To, Day 4

July 9, 2008 at 10:49 pm 6 comments

Are you getting sick of these posts yet?  Or enjoying the trip down memory lane?

Wedding #13:  Erin (Jason’s cousin) and Tim.  Erin and Tim had a very swanky event in the bride’s hometown, just outside of Philly!  They had a full mass at a beautiful old catholic church,  followed by a very nice reception at a country club.  Here’s a shot of Jason and I during the cocktail hour (you can see some of the golf course in the background of this shot):

Here’s a shot of most of the ladies in Jason’s family:

And here’s one of the beautiful bride, Jason’s sister, and Jason’s cousin:

And, just to end the fantastic evening in a very special way, Kevin and Jason had to break into their parents’ house because they didn’t have the key:

Wedding #14:  Emily and Drew.  I’ve known Emily since high school.  Em and Drew met at Creighton University and got married in St. Louis, in the church where Emily’s parents were married.  Isn’t that sweet!?!  Anyways, Jason and I decided to make the 9 hour drive from Minneapolis to St. Louis to attend (okay, I decided we should drive, Jason just went with it).  Here’s JT and I (yes, same outfit again, I know!!):

Emily and Drew’s reception was held at the botanical gardens in St. Louis.  Here’s a shot of my high school girls and I at the reception (from left to right: Kitty, Amanda, Me, Carrie):

A shot of the girls and I with the beautiful bride:

And, of course, I shot of the arch.  I made Jason pull off the highway for this one… only, we pulled off in kind of a sketchy industrial area.  Jason was NOT impressed.

Wedding #15:  Chuck and Jeanine.  Chuck was one of Jason’s college roommates, and Jeanine was the girl across the hall.  So, naturally, it only made sense for the wedding to be held at their alma mater, Loyola College in Maryland.  Here is the church (it totally reminds me of the church at St Olaf College, my alma mater):

Here’s a shot of Jason and two of his other college roommates, Thom and Erik.  We’re really excited that they’ll be able to make it to our wedding – Thom and his better half (hey! he admitted it on his own blog!), Onora, are coming from Seattle, and Erik is coming all the way from Italy to join us!!

Thom and Onora.  Thank goodness Onora was there… she was my partner in crime for the evening.

Jason and I.  Note my cheesy big grin.  Somebody (or two somebodies, actually) may have had a lot to drink at this wedding.  The next morning may have been rough.  Fortunately, there are no incriminating photos of me threatening to elbow the bridesmaids out of the way to catch the bouquet.

Wedding #16:  Josh and Katie.  Josh and I met my Junior year of high school.  He was always the organizer of things, most of the time, the organizer of crazy, random, fun things.  Like the night soon after Christmas where we pulled all of the Christmas trees that people had placed on curbs into our friend, Julie’s yard.  It was a hoot, and I’m sure she really appreciated it the next morning.  So, anyways, when Josh announced that he had met someone cute and she agreed to marry him, there was no way I was going to miss the wedding.  Even if it was in Indianapolis.  Unfortunately, I have only 2 pictures from the evening.  First, me and the Malmstrom brothers.  Troy is the cool guy on the left with the sunglasses – I used to carpool with him my senior year (actually, I just drove because he didn’t have his license yet), and I’m certain that I annoyed him the entire way.  Matt is on the right, and he’s the first guy I ever conned into going to the ballet.  We dated for 5 minutes, until I realized I was in high school and not really into dating anyways.

2.  Adam and I.  Adam is another BCHS (Brookfield Central High School) grad, and his parents live down the street from my parents!

Jason and I had so much fun hanging out with these kids that we all went out with them after the wedding.  Actually, we had so much fun that I got sick on the drive home the next morning.  Which was not great, since we had to make a stop in Milwaukee to take the annual Perry Family Christmas Photo.  So, if you’ve seen the 2005 edition of the PFCP, that might explain why I was slightly green.  Very Christmasy and festive.  Not quite so much fun.

Oh man, I STILL HAVE MORE!  So there will be at least another day of this wedding madness.  Perhaps I should have titled this latter section, “Times I drank too much and got sick the next day”  – might be more fitting.


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  • 1. Amy  |  July 9, 2008 at 11:21 pm

    The image of Jason falling through the front window at Jim and Debbie’s house is one of my favorite memories of him. It makes me laugh even now… but, as Kevin just reminded me, THERE WERE HOUSE KEYS ON THE CAR KEY RING THE WHOLE TIME. Which, if you ask me, makes the story just that much more perfect.

  • 2. Debbie  |  July 10, 2008 at 6:33 am

    I’ll NEVER get sick of your blogging! Keep it up; I love reading about all your adventures before we met.
    Just a couple points-Kevin & Jason had to break into the house because they didn’t listen when I told them where the key was(they both should have had their own anyway).
    Erin’s parents, grandparents and both sets of great-grandparents were married in the same church as she & Tim were beginning in 1917. How cool is that?
    Jason must have been out in the cold to get those rosy cheeks. I’m certain it’s not from too much drinking.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter in the blog!

  • 3. Florida beach weddings  |  July 10, 2008 at 10:58 am

    Your blogs are entertaining and give me a giggle 🙂

  • 4. Jason  |  July 10, 2008 at 11:14 am

    No one told me the keys were there. It wasn’t until after I showed off my ninja-like skills and let everyone in that Kevin, PhD remarked that the keys were on the keychain.

    And no, Mom, I didn’t have my keys because when I left for NC you changed the lock on the door and never gave me a new key. Where’s the love?!

  • 5. Debbie  |  July 10, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    I had forgotten where the keys were but I knew they were someplace very evident. Amy has the right answer! FOUR advanced degrees and no one thought to try the keys on the ring!
    Jason the love is always there!

  • 6. Debbie  |  July 10, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    That shot was of the YOUNG ladies at Erin’s wedding and Jen(on the left in the pink dress) never quite made it into our family. Maybe we could photoshop Cailin’s picture in.


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