Weddings That I’ve Been To, Day 3

July 8, 2008 at 10:52 pm 4 comments

Apologies for my lack of posting last night – Jason and I went to my cousin’s house for dinner and I came home with a migrane. I suspect it was caused by laughing too much… either that or my horrible posture causing the muscles in my neck to tense up and ache.

Anyways, up today: Jen does the chicken dance! This won’t be the last you see of my chicken dance moves… just wait ’till the wedding. I hope you all know and love the chicken dance and the electric slide – it wouldn’t be a wedding without those. And we’ll need a polka also. Because, come on, how much more German Milwaukee can you get?

Wedding #9: Uncle Brian and Aunt Jackie. I am so sad that these are the only pictures I have from this wedding. Jackie’s dress was amazing, and I wish I could show you all how cute she was! Brian and Jackie got married in this big huge old fancy catholic church, and Jackie wore her mom’s wedding dress (Jackie’s sister also wore the same dress – each had it altered just slightly to fit their style). I love it! I would totally wear my mom’s wedding dress… if it wasn’t horrible 80s style. I just don’t think any amount of alterations would turn it into something I’d ever wear (sorry mom, but you also said that you hated your wedding dress, so I don’t think I’m being too offensive here). Anyways, the chicken dance. Check out that huge grin on my face… must have been a good time. (also, look how much Robby has grown since Sunday’s post!)

Oh man, I am breaking it down in this shot: (I’ve since decided that those white shoes are not my favorite with the blue dress. What was I thinking?)

Wedding #10: Jake and Christina. This was the first friends wedding that I went to – Jake and Christina were college friends, and I had chemistry classes with both of them. They were married at our alma mater the year after graduation. Again, I have no pictures of the bride and groom, but here are some of me. Here is me with friends Jared and Katie (also fellow chemistry majors):

And, pictures of me with my awesome friend, Stacy, whose wedding you’ll hear about soon…

It’s a little bit sad to see these pictures, actually, because I haven’t kept in touch with Jake, Christina, Jared, or Katie. It almost makes me wonder who of our current friends we won’t be in touch with in another 5 years… I hope one of the perks of getting married when I’m a little older is that I’ll be able to keep in touch with all of the friends that will attend our wedding.

Wedding #11: Kevin (Jason’s brother) and Amy. Kevin and Amy’s wedding was by far one of the more fun weddings we’ve been to. I was a little nervous at first, having just met Jason’s family a few months earlier, but they are all just so darn nice that you can’t help but like them. The wedding took place in Chapel Hill, NC, and the weather was absolutely beautiful. Good thing, too, because they had a very impressive outdoor reception held in tents in their backyard. Again – this is one of those things that I am not brave enough to pull off – because I would have freaked out for MONTHS that it was going to rain. But not Kevin and Amy. They were cool as cucumbers that week.

Here’s a shot of the wedding party:

Jason, Bridget (his sister), and I: (note that I am guilty of wearing the same dress to 2 weddings. also, that dress only cost $20! I am proud of my deal-finding ways.)

The Ross’ and I:

Jason giving his best man speech:

Wedding #12: Mike and Colleen. Leenie was my next door neighbor in high school, and of course I was *thrilled* when she asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding (she’ll return the favor in October)!! Their wedding was also super-fun, and she was such a laid back, calm bride. Hopefully I’ll be the same…

Colleen’s mom hosted a bridal luncheon on the day before the wedding. She treated us to a delicious lunch, and then gave a lovely speech about how all the ladies in the room will be who Colleen goes to when she has a rough patch in her marriage, and will be who Colleen celebrates with when things are going well. It was kind of a tear-jerker. I just love the idea of getting all the girls together the day before the wedding, but am doubtful that I have the time to plan something like this. Anyways, the picture:

And on to the actual wedding day. Here’s a shot of the other bridesmaids and I – check out how gorgeous the flowers are!

The wedding party:

Jason and I:

Cutting a rug at the reception: (you’ve seen this one already, but I wanted to remind you how fun it was. we danced all night!)

Stay tuned tomorrow… just a few more in this series, and if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll have some good stories.


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  • 1. mom  |  July 8, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    Hmmm, isn’t that Kyle doing the chicken dance with you??

  • 2. Unk B  |  July 9, 2008 at 11:46 am

    How do you remember that Jackie wore her mothers dress and that her sister wore it also. You women and your memory – Steel Traps!!
    PS – Jackie scolded me for my previous comment.
    PSS – Polka suggestion – In Heaven There is no Beer, you could probably get Jason to dance to that song.

  • 3. mom  |  July 9, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    I’ll second that polka suggestion!

  • 4. Little J  |  July 10, 2008 at 10:19 am

    ….i know why you had a migrane after you left my house..there are actually THREE possiblities. ONE: because of jasons Tee-hee laugh over and over again–and if thats the case, it would be TOTALLY worth the migrane and you know it. TWO: because you ate RED meat ;). or THREE: because you left your phone at my house… i personally like the first one the best!!


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