Happy July Fourth!

July 4, 2008 at 9:50 pm 3 comments

Happy July Fourth to everyone! (except Barley… this may be the worst day of his life. We have yet to see him emerge from Hiding Spot #3: Behind the furnace and old washing machine in the basement).

And a thank you for those who have served our county, and have enabled me to enjoy the freedoms that I have today!

(If I had a picture of my grandpa in his uniform, I would post it here.)

It’s been a pretty low-key Fourth. JT and I ran errands this morning, then spent the afternoon playing in the garden and on the internet. We’re currently outside, on our new porch, burning stuff in the firepit and drinking beer and cider (guess who is drinking what!?!). Have I mentioned how much I love wireless internet? I love it a lot.

Anyways, our low-key day is in serious contrast to the party days of my childhood… I swear I tried to find a parade near here this morning, and it just wasn’t happening. Anyways, when I was little, we’d head out to the parade, which usually took place about 4-5 blocks from our house. After the hour-or-two parade, we’d drive out to my grandparent’s lake cottage for the afternoon/evening. At the cottage, we’d hang out for a bit, and then decide to head over to the lake’s yacht club party.

The yacht club always had a “kids parade” in which my grandpa insisted we participate. The parade consisted of kids walking around the yacht club. That’s it.  Just kids, walking, in a straight line, right around the yacht club building.  So dorky, but we did it anyways. There was usually a magician, some food, facepainting, and then: PARTY GAMES. The games were the best. In fact, look what we have here, for your viewing pleasure! Yes! It is me, participating in said games. I would like you to pay special attention to my very patriotic red, white, and blue ensembles in each of these. To this day, I am tempted to throw on the old red, white, and blue apparel on July Fourth (I resisted temptation today and am wearing khaki and brown, but only because 95% of my clothing is dirty and nothing red, white, or blue looked appealing).

Jen circa 1987.  Check out my awesome face paint.

Look at me go!  I got second place that year (the only reason I know that is because my mom wrote it on the back of the picture.)  Also, note the cool paint sweater that my grandma made for me.

This must be in ’88-89.  Do you love my red and white striped jailbird outfit?  And what about the side ponytail?  Can you say FASHION QUEEN!?!

After the games, dinner, and a dilly bar from Dairy Queen, we’d head back to my grandparent’s cottage and wait for it to get dark so the fireworks would begin. There was a pretty great view of the fireworks from their house, and, in our older years, my dad got brave and thought he would set off a few of his own.  I think he may have singed his eyebrows once or twice, but I’m sure he won’t admit that.

Anyways, at some point during the evening, my grandpa would start “beeping” – and by that, I mean, yelling, “beep, beep, beep” at the fireworks he liked. Why? Because if we were in the boat, we’d be pressing the horn in appreciation of the good fireworks, and my grandpa thought he should also let them know which ones HE liked. Occasionally, the rest of us would play along and beep, too. I’m sure the neighbors thought we were nuts.

So that is the fun we’re missing out on here in MSP! At the old condo in uptown, we’d climb up on the roof and watch 4 separate fireworks shows simultaneously (we had the tallest building in the area, so we could see pretty far). It was amazing, and I’m wishing that we at least had that view tonight. Instead, we’ve got a freaked-out pitbull (nevermind that I’ve given him the TOUGHEN UP! YOU’RE A PITBULL speech 85 times today), a sweet firepit, an awesome porch, and fantastic weather. So I’ll consider it a good 4th of July.

Not to mention, OUR WEDDING IS IN EXACTLY THREE MONTHS! (stay tuned this week for a little series that I’d like to call weddings that I have been to, in which I feature –wait for it– weddings that I have been to.

Time to go make some s’mores.


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a relatively lazy Thursday Weddings That I’ve Been To, Day 1

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  • 1. Debbie  |  July 4, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    Sounds like you had a great fourth after all; I loved hearing about your childhood holidays as well.
    We had a parade once again here after about 14 years! The day started with a 5K that Bridget ran in followed by a bike parade, a parade and then fireworks tonight! We even had three skydivers land in the middle of the field.All this took place in the rain but was great anyway. Happy fourth to you!

  • 2. D  |  July 5, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    BRAVE ENOUGH?!?! I laugh at danger please revisit my “statistical risk model”… No had to have the trip to Fla and the “alloted” 15 minutes ONLY in the pyro shop in Tennesee (remember that ?? possibly not becaues most of the time it was after midnight and everyone was sleeping in the car). Any way…. the neighbors were all relieved to know that I had no inventory this year (until I met up with the undertaker 2 doors down… seems he hit upon the 2 for 1 sale at the “local” pyro shop) so with “trauma Doc Lou” (last black party was trying to get a guy to lay down so he could remove a part of his spleen… long story) was across the street with what Trev said was a “car full”, and the undertaker and me we put the Brookfield city fireworks to shame. Made the paranoid lady next door call her kids in the house and send her husband out to” keep guard”??? Did I mention the cops showing up…. we know who called! OR where they just admiring the fire power?
    Great weather, a few beveradges with the neighbors and a ton of kids running around… reminded me of the old days (Isn’t that what old people say?)

  • 3. mom  |  July 5, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    We went to the Brookfield Parade with Mark & Teresa and kids but it just wasn’t as good as the old Tosa parade. No Kazoo Band, no Ba’hai Faith moonies handing out pamphlets, and worst of all, no loud Air Force flyovers at low altitude! Guess the gas prices are causing cutbacks everywhere! We enjoyed the day with neighbors and dad got his fireworks fix from Mr. Krause and they had a blastoff with Mr. Somberg. Only Mr. Somberg was visited by the cops, quite exciting…

    BTW: Comet doesn’t make a sound with the fireworks; doesn’t faze him a bit!!


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