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bridal accessories

Another one of the tasks we accomplished last weekend on our bridal extravaganza weekend was to pick out some of my bridal accessories.

Recall that I had originally wanted a sparkly tiara-esque headband, like so:

[Image Source]

I still LOVE the sparkly headband, but will most likely have my hair up in a somewhat messy/loose updo, and I am just not sure that the sparkly headband will work. Here’s an example of what I’m envisioning for my hair (but with fancy hair pins instead of the flower):

[unfortunately, I forgot to write down where this came from – kind of a common theme lately…]

So instead of the flower, I wanted to find some cute and sparkly hairpins. But! The hairpins also have to look a little vintage-y to go with the classic style we’re going for. I love these little hairpins:

[images from New York Magazine via Thoughtfulday]

So that was my inspiration. And I was getting ready to go out and shop when I realized that my great-grandmother’s jewelry was in a box in the basement, and why don’t I go check it out? Well, I found some gems.

Here’s me checking out my great-grandma’s jewelry. Not sure what’s with the funny look on my face…

Look what I found – some clip-on earrings turned hairpins!

We especially liked the idea of using these flowery earrings as my hair pins. And, they can be my “something old”! My “something new” would be my dress/shoes… and my mom and I came up with the idea to add one of the small blue jewelry pieces to my dress for my “something blue”, so hopefully that will be cute. Now, I only need something borrowed…

As for a veil? I really want a cathedral-length veil, so Ashley, mom, and I went shopping for one. I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, so I think I will just make my own veil!

Ashley and I pose for mama bear at the bridal store.

Not sure I like the veil + ponytail look I’m sporting here, but you get the picture.

We also picked out shoes this weekend. My mom isn’t 100% sold on them, and I think both of us will keep an eye out for something that might be better, but here they are:


Yep, they’re red! I am super-excited about wearing red shoes on my wedding day! My dress is kind of an off-color, so it would be difficult to match, and I’ve seen a bunch of pictures of brides with colored shoes lately. Like so:

[from Yellow Brick Blog]

Watch out, groomsmen, or you may find yourself with red argyle socks! Ha ha! For some reason, I just love the fun foot pictures.

One bridal accessory that I will go without is the bridal purse… Since I will be carrying flowers all day, I doubt that I will also want to try to hang on to a purse, so mama bear and the bridesmaids will have to handle that responsibility. But it’s fun to look anyways, and I absolutely adore these purses:

[image from Monya]


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