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only 4 months until the big day!

Since it’s only t-minus 4 months until the big day, I wanted to write something really good. I started off thinking, “YES! I CAN’T WAIT!” But then, “oh crap. only 4 months to pull this all together!” followed and I was going to get complain-y, but I know that you all like me so much better when I am not complain-y. So I will have to keep my “oh crap” thoughts to myself. For now. I make no promises with regards to future blog entries.

ANYWAYS. Your special treat for today is that I am going to unveil a very top-secret list. No one other than Jason and I have seen this list before… (because it’s a little dorky, and while I admit to real-life dorkiness, I would prefer my blog world persona to be super-cool). So, without further ado, a list that I made in early 2004.

50 things I want to do with you before we get married

(highlighted items have been completed)

  1. backpack through Europe
  2. go to a monster truck rally
  3. spend over $80 on a nice dinner for 2
  4. go to the ballet
  5. camping
  6. skiing (downhill, of course)
  7. go to the opera
  8. go running together
  9. go hiking in the mountains
  10. take a road trip
  11. volunteer
  12. go to church together
  13. go to a concert
  14. have a squirt gun fight
  15. build a snowman
  16. make dinner together
  17. throw a party
  18. read the same book at the same time so we can discuss it with each other
  19. see “big fish”
  20. go to an art museum
  21. play soccer (or at least kick the ball around)
  22. brew our own beer (with your kit… remember, what’s yours is mine)
  23. bake a pie
  24. listen to a poetry reading
  25. mini golfing
  26. ice skating
  27. watch a movie at a drive-in movie theater
  28. grow a love fern (a la how to lose a guy in 10 days)
  29. go boating/sailing
  30. go to the zoo
  31. slow dance
  32. play scrabble
  33. take ballroom dancing lessons (so we look good at the wedding)
  34. paint
  35. do laundry together
  36. go rollerblading
  37. watch the sun set over the ocean
  38. watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”
  39. play cards
  40. wash dishes
  41. go fishing
  42. go somewhere dark on a clear night and look for star constellations
  43. get ice cream from Sebastian Joe’s (the ice cream place by my condo)
  44. put together a puzzle
  45. play monopoly until someone really wins
  46. go to a farmer’s market
  47. cut down and decorate a Christmas tree
  48. watch dawson’s creek
  49. take a cooking class together
  50. learn a foreign language together

In early 2004, we had been dating for 6 months and were still living halfway across the country from each other (Jason in North Carolina and I in Minnesota)… but, truthfully, I think we knew we were going to get married after the first weekend we spent together. And that is a story for another time.

I have no idea why I put this together in the first place… but now that I’ve pulled it out, I’m thinking “oh crap! only 4 months to put this all together!” I kind of doubt we’ll end up completing the entire list (because how on earth will we build a snowman in the summer? I mean, I know we’re in Minnesota, but come on!  It’s usually not THAT cold here in the summer.).  It’s funny to see what I thought we should do together 4 years ago. It’s also good to look at the things we’ve crossed off and reminisce.

For example:

6. Skiing – We had a great time skiing in Breckenridge with my family last year!

20. The Zoo – we’ve been to several in the last few years: Cincinnati, San Francisco, Louisville to name a few.  We love zoos.

Jason bonds with the Orangutan and the Louisville zoo.

47. Cutting down a Christmas tree – this has become somewhat of a tradition in our house.  Every year, I drag Jason and the saw out to a tree farm.  Can you guess which year we lived in Kentucky?  All other years in Minnesota involved a. cold, b. snow, and c. post tree-getting hot cocoa.


2005 – this photo was taken at about 5pm.  Amazing how daylight hours are shortened during the winter here! Jason had to chop down this one by flashlight.

2006 (this is the year we lived in Kentucky… something about cutting down a tree without a winter coat didn’t seem quite right.  so we moved back to Minnesota.)

2007 – This past year, we went to a “Trees for Toys” event at our realtor’s office.  So no photos of Jason cutting down a tree…

I love that some of the things on our list have even turned into traditions (like chopping down a Christmas tree, and hitting up every zoo we’re near)!  It also amazes me that most of the things on my list are somewhat ordinary, everyday things (e.g., washing dishes, doing laundry)… It kind of seems silly to actually want to do those things together now that we live together and have to do those things together all the time.  But!  When taken in the context that we were thousands of miles apart when the list was made, it’s a good reminder of how much more fun it is to do those sorts of everyday things together than it was when we were apart.

What are your favorite memories/traditions from before you were married?  Are there any little everyday things that you enjoy more now that you’re together?


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