House Project #2, Phase 4

May 11, 2008 at 11:03 pm 3 comments

Just to review, here’s our list for the get the water out of our basement project. (Items in red were worked on this weekend, those crossed out have been finished).

  1. Removing the sidewalk on the South side of the house
  2. Having glass windows installed in the basement
  3. Installing an underground drain tube to the front gutter spout
  4. Adding a new pathway using brick pavers
  5. Building a raised planting bed where the path was
  6. Adding a drainage system along the South side of the house
  7. Grading the rest of the yard away from the house (this is not as important since the water only seems to be coming in on the South side, but still should be done)
  8. Adding underground drain tubes to the other gutter spouts

We also built a fence this weekend! How did we accomplish so much in one weekend? My family came to visit with a truckload of garden tools and worked all weekend! Oh man, did they ever work. They even worked in the rain!! And Jason and I did a little work, too, but there’s no way we would have gotten it done without them.

Saturday morning, Dad and I ran to home depot for concrete, fence posts, and an auger (much better than digging those holes ourselves). Meanwhile, mom, Robby, and Trevor excavated the part of the yard where the path and patio will be. Jason staked out the yard. 3 hours later, when the Home Depot people finally figured out what an auger was and how to let me rent it, Dad and I returned. The next hour was spent determining whether someone would hit a gas pipe with the auger, since we forgot to call the digger’s hotline last week. Then, there was discussion about what exactly would happen if someone were to hit the gas pipe with the auger… would it be explode and get hurt? Or explode and die? Luckily, we did not find out (my dad again performed some risk calculations and decided it would be safe).

Once holes were dug, Robby and I had to run to Chipotle for lunch. Dad and Jason filled holes with rocks and set the posts up. Mom and Trevor continued to dig. At this point, it was drizzling. Boo. When we returned from Chipotle, Robby and I left again to run to Home Depot to get some more posts and concrete and to return the auger. A million minutes later, after the Home Depot rental man called 18 different people to figure out how to ring up a free transaction (I complained after our insulation debacle and was rewarded with a free rental), we were on our way back home. Mom and Trevor were still digging, JT and dad were about ready to fill the post holes with concrete. So they filled the holes with concrete, while Robby, Trev, mom, and I dug out the patio area. We then had a ton of dirt, which we were able to stick up against the house so that the dirt sloped away from the house instead of towards it. We called it quits around 4:30 because it was still raining and I think everyone was pretty sore and soggy. Except me, because I really didn’t do that much other than run errands. So, thanks everyone for working so hard while I slacked off and/or exercised patience with the losers that work at the Richfield Home Depot!

We went out to my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner – burgers, fries, salad, and a fantastic dessert dish made by my cousin – ohhh! It hit the spot! Big time.

Today we had much better weather, so I took more pictures. Mom, Trev, and I ran out to Home Depot to pick up all the pickets for the fence (140 total) while Robby and Dad set up 2x4s between the fence posts. Mom got to witness the excellence in action that is the Home Depot staff. I don’t know whether my favorite part was when they watched the two of us struggle with the boards or when several of them came over to ask, “you building a fence?” No. I’m picking my nose. What does it look like I’m doing!?!

Jason had to work for a few hours this morning, so he missed an encounter with our VERY concerned distraught neighbor. Distraught as in, ran through the muddy back yard in his slippers going: What’s the plan? But what about this area? So what are you doing with concrete? How are we going to maintain this area? He wanted answers NOW. I was all Whoa, man. We’re just putting up a fence here. The fence is so you can’t come over here and ask questions anymore. That’s all you need to know. Okay, I didn’t say those things. But I did hope that Dad would call me over and demand some help. He did not. But our other neighbor came over and distracted the distraught neighbor so I ran over and begged dad for something to do. Eventually, the distraught neighbor left.

Dad frames out the posts on the North side of the house. Now the neighbor boy can’t come over and start conversations with Jason. <Jason sighs, relieved>

Mom rakes up the dirt around the fence posts. A change from digging was needed.

Jason came back from work just in time to miss out on the distraught neighbor experience, but we did get to meet 2 new neighbors again today, and again, they’re all very nice (and they’re fellow ‘sconnies).

He also came back in time to start putting pickets up. Since he didn’t put the first few up right, I demanded that my mom supervise his drilling. The result? A very level fence, and a discussion about my college boyfriend. Fantastic.

Jason is so happy to be working on the fence, but my mom remains deep in concentration! Look at that level fence.

Trevor turns $100 into 100 pennies as Barley sunbathes in the dirt.

Dad makes that face because it helps the drill work better.

Dad and Trevor cut some stuff. With power tools. Trevor loves using power tools (he cut a bunch of the fence pickets with the miter saw).

I got to use the miter saw a ton today, and it was uber-fun. I *heart* power tools, especially when I am done using them and still have all 10 fingers and toes. We had a little snafu in that I had been saying that we were making a 5 foot fence, when in fact, I should have been saying it would be 6 feet. The pickets come premade in 6 foot lengths, but dad had planned for a 5 ft fence, and ultimately, we ended up with a 5.5 ft fence. Just tall enough to keep the neighbors out and the dog in. But! That meant that we had 140 6 ft planks to cut up. And I got to do the cutting!

Look! I actually worked today! And, judging by the way my tongue is hanging out of my mouth, I must have been doing something really important.

Robby likes power tools, too.

Suddenly, we were finished. And it looks pretty darn good, I think. We just have to finish making a front gate, and figure out a way to put the gate my dad and Trev made on the back fence.

View of the East side of the house.

View of the South side of the house.

View of the North side of the house.

Barley wakes up to inspect the handiwork on the fence. He is quite pleased.

And that was our weekend! Busy! Busy! Busy! The house was covered in mud when my family left tonight (which makes sense, since the back yard is almost entirely mud right now, and it rained yesterday, and we all walked in and out of the house with our muddy shoes). So, I did a little cleaning and some laundry, and now it’s 11:00. I think I might need another weekend.

More pics are here:

Backyard 5-11-2008

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i can’t complain, but i do anyways. the terrible twos?

3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Debbie  |  May 13, 2008 at 5:38 pm

    All I have to say is this: God bless the Perry Family! You accomplished so much in one weekend; I’m sorry we couldn’t be there to help. Really I am! It looks like you had fun doing it as well. What a way for your Mom to spend Mother’s Day!
    The fence and all you did looks great in the pictures.

  • 2. tp  |  May 14, 2008 at 9:22 pm

    Awesome! Now that you are “EXPERIENCED” fence installers maybe you and Jason would like to come out for dinner some weekend, bring your fence post driller and we will provide the beer.

  • 3. tp  |  May 14, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    Oh, and by the way…I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that garage…it’s just not fair that I have to look at it in the photos. 🙂


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