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Jen: the college years

Ohhh… boys and girls, you are in for a real treat today! I’ve scanned some college pics, and (for better or for worse) I am ready to share all.

Freshman Year

This is my freshman year roommate, Mandy, and I washing dishes. It’s actually a historic picture, because we never washed dishes. We’d let them pile up until one or both of us couldn’t stand the smell anymore, and then we’d sigh and wash them. Gross, but true. What were we to do? We were too busy telling fairytales in ebonics, singing to Mariah Carey and Radiohead (you wouldn’t think those go together well, but they do), and hiding a pin that said “Say NO to malls on Hwy 9” in each others belongings.

Sophomore Year

This is my sophomore roommate, Sarah (we affectionately refer to her as “the boss”), and I in Colorado. If you can’t tell by the matching coats, we were on the ski team together. We had a great time as roommates and teammates, and as far as I know, her only complaint is that I never did the dishes…

Junior Year

I spent fall semester of my Junior year in Lancaster, England. This is my friend, Emma, and I at a birthday party. The birthday boy wanted a cowboy and indian-themed party, so we dressed like cowboys and indians. The whole semester was amazing! (I did finally wash my dishes at an appropriate time my Junior year).

Senior Year

Oh crap, I really hope Elizabeth doesn’t kill me for posting this, but I just about wet my pants when I found this. This is a picture from one of our favorite games – “Classic Pairs Through History.” Yes, we made it up ourselves. No, we weren’t drinking at the time. In this game, Elizabeth and I paired off against our suitemates, Kate and Kelly, and would suddenly show up in each other’s room dressed as a classic pair. The other team would have to guess what pair we were. See, really quite clever. Much more fun than beer pong, or whatever else you college kids are playing these days. If anyone can guess which classic pair we are in this picture, I’ll risk Elizabeth’s friendship and post another.


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