Spring Break, part two

April 1, 2008 at 11:04 pm 1 comment

Updates on Perry family vacation (now that I have internet access again). This is only a partial update – I’m going to leave you on the edge of your seats for the rest of the details…

Saturday, March 23

Today we were pretty slow about getting going, and ended up spending most of the morning in our hotel. Again, I got up and worked out (amazing) and Trevor decided to come with me. Trev, mom and I had breakfast while the others slowly got moving, then we headed to old San Juan.

Ash, Trev, Robby, and I at the fort

We went to see the old fort, which was pretty cool. Last time I was here, Jason and I and others had walked up to the old fort, but it was closed by the time we got there. Yesterday we were able to go in the fort, and Robby gave us the tour (which he read off of a handout provided by the national historic society). It was alright… a pretty cool fort all-in-all. We were a little disappointed by the lack of dungeons in the old fort, but the views were amazing. I still can’t get over how clear and blue the water is here.

After our trip to the fort, Trevor bought a kite and we sat out on the lawn outside the fort and watched him fly it. It was so windy, he didn’t have any problems… until the string broke and the kite flew away. Luckily, someone down wind caught the kite and Trev was able to retrieve it.

Trevor flies his kite

We walked around old San Juan for a bit after kite flying, and sat down at a tapas bar to eat dinner. My mom and I tried some authentic Puerto Rican cornbread rolls and fried cassava… both were quite delicious. We also checked out the shops, and Trevs got a little rooster marionette. He’s pretty darn good at making the rooster walk and peck – it’s really funny.

We then hopped on the ship. The boat is huge – there’s even 3 swimming pools and a climbing wall! Our room is not very big (as you would expect from a cruise ship room), but seems like it’s big enough for 4 of us (Trev and Robby have the top bunks). The food is great, and especially the soft serve ice cream machine. I still can’t get over the amount of food served on board and the fact that its there any time I want to eat it. Amazing.

Sunday, March 24

Today the ship docked at St. Thomas. We rented a car and drove to Red Hook, where we took a ferry over to St. John. The ferry ride was surprisingly cool, since we were able to take in some cool views of St. Thomas, St. John, and some of the smaller islands in the area.

Trevor on the ferry to St John

St. John was a beautiful island… very hilly and tropical. We stopped at Trunk Beach and swam for a while, and we rented snorkel gear and snorkeled for a little bit. The water was so clear, and we could see little fishes swimming near our feet. Ashley and Trevor got burned pretty badly, and we were all covered in sand by the end of the afternoon, but it was a great trip.

Robby and Trev go snorkeling

Back on the ship, we ate ice cream and hung out until dinner. Dinner was quite the event, our waiters even serenaded us in Italian (despite the fact that none of them were Italian). Trevor loooooves our Turkish waiter, Ergun, and has mentioned several times that “he is the nicest man” Trevor has ever met.

Monday, March 25

Today, we drove around St Maarten for a bit and then took a tour on “rhino riders” – which are a cross between jet skis and small inflatable boats. We drove the rhino riders along the coast of St Maarten, checking out the beaches and resorts along the way (Robby was especially intrigued by the nude beaches).

Ahh! Robby’s driving!

We learned that St Maarten is the smallest land mass shared by two countries, and the beaches there looked quite nice.

When we reached a bunch of large rocks positioned slightly off shore, we parked the rhino riders and snorkeled for a bit. Snorkeling is a little tricky in the ocean (compared to the Brookfield Central pool, where I first learned to snorkel in gym class), and I swallowed a bit of seawater. Not very tasty. But we saw a bunch of very cool-looking fishies, and they got so close to us while swimming… it was amazing.


After snorkeling, we rode the rhino riders back, and ate a late lunch at a little restaurant near the rhino riders rental. After lunch, we drove around the island for a bit and did a little shopping, and then it was time to head back to the boat for the evening.


Tuesday, March 26


Today we were docked at Antigua. We got off of the ship and rented a car, and spent much of the day driving around the island. Driving around the island was tricky – the roads were narrow and winding, going up and down the large hills (mountains?) on the island. Antigua has 366 beaches – we visited two. Half Moon Bay was our first stop, and it was the first beach that we had been to that wasn’t crowded.

Trev enjoys the waves at Half Moon Bay

The waves were also much bigger at this beach than at others we had been to. As usual, Trevor jumped right in, and was completely covered in sand by the time we were done swimming. The rest of us were a little more hesitant… and had significantly less sand coming out of our ears when we were finished.

More stories tomorrow, more pics are here:



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  • 1. Debbie  |  April 2, 2008 at 4:34 pm

    It looks like a fun time was had by all! Seems like the weather was a little nicer than Minneapolis as well. I can’t wait to talk to you! Take care.


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