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Spring Break, part one

Despite a few delays, a “redo” on a landing, and my sister flying across the country, the entire Perry clan managed to arrive safely in San Juan yesterday.

It was about 80 and sunny here today (thought I’d brag for those of you who have watched the snow fall all day). I woke up before everyone else and hit the gym this morning for a first-ever vacation workout. I always seem to bring the workout clothes, but until today, have never used them. So I’m proud of myself.

Afterwards, I woke up the clan for breakfast, and we all got ready and headed out to the beach. In the words of Trevor, “It’s beeeaaaaauuuuutiful here”.

Trevor looooooves the ocean. 

We buried Trevs in the sand and made him look like a muscle man. It was awesome, and we gathered a small crowd of children in the process. We all got some sun out there, but Ashley got burned – ouch!

Strong man Trevor.

Trevor breaks out of his sand body.

For dinner, we ate at a small restaurant that Jason and I ate at last time we were here (CPDD meeting, 2004). The restaurant serves Mexican and Puerto Rican food, but what it most spectacular about it is the view. The restaurant overlooks the ocean, in fact, towards the end of our meal, we could feel the spray from the waves coming in at high tide. Very cool… especially for those of us who rarely get to see the ocean.

Tomorrow we will most likely explore Old San Juan, and then get on the cruise ship late in the day.

Even my dad is having fun here.


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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

We celebrated Saturday night with Tinen, Ian, and Jason’s homebrew, but Barley wanted me to share this picture with all of you:

He was great again at doggy school tonight – his teachers even said so! Yes!

And, I took some house pics, for those of you who are curious about the new house:

Minneapolis House 3-17-08

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YOU GUYS!  I joined Facebook last night and I already have 15 friends.  FIFTEEN.  My popularity will soar to unprecidented heights now. <a hint of sarcasm>  Anyways, if you’re on Facebook, look me up so I can have more friends.  Barley is also on Dogbook, so you can be his friend if you are so inclined.

Also, last night I made veggie pilaf for dinner (but I added chicken, just for fun).  It gets 3 blahs and a slight thumbs down, since it had a hint of cloves and cloves reminded me of having my wisdom teeth pulled.  The blahs are because, other than the hint of cloves, it didn’t taste like much.

We went on more walks/runs yesterday because it was beautiful here – 49 degrees!  Fantastic!  It would be even better if we weren’t expected to get a snow storm on Monday, but we’ll enjoy the heat wave while it lasts.

We also begun the spring poo cleanup in the back yard (so gross).  We never picked up poo in Kentucky (Barley would do his business in the bushes there), but now we have a much smaller back yard, so let the fun begin!  uggh.

Also, we found some serious water in the basement yesterday.  Not exactly what you want to see in your newly-purchased house…  The water appears to have entered the house somewhere under the stairway, and we think it’s because the cement walkway along that side of the house is tilted towards the house instead of away from it.  Anyways, we’ve cleared the water/ice/snow away from the house in that area, and there doesn’t appear to be any more water in the basement today.   Cross your fingers it doesn’t come back!

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one of these ladies gets an A+

…and I’ll give you a hint – it’s not the second one.

1. Jason’s cousin, Erin, was on her local news this week for starting a walking club at the school she teaches at.  Way to go, Erin!  It’s super-cool.

2. Oh man.  You have got to read this to believe it.  Half of me thinks “poor lady” – the other half can’t help but giggle.  They actually had to pry the toilet seat off and send her to the hospital with it still attached.  (Jason is half-convinced that wedding planning is going to throw me over the the edge of sanity, so if you don’t hear from me for a while, please make sure I’m not stuck in the bathroom.  I would hate to have people questioning why the bride has a toilet seat stuck to her rear.)

Now I will try to stop relying on the news and come up with my own material.  (even if real-life stories are much better than a lot of the stuff I come up with…).

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big time failure.

Alarming news from 1 in 4 teenage girls has an STD. ONE IN FOUR. Are you kidding me?!?

Also on today: Student suspended for buying skittles in school. Apparently, skittles are contraband in the New Haven schools, and the 8th grade class vice president has not only been stripped of his position, but is also suspended. FOR BUYING SKITTLES. Again, are you kidding me?!?

Something about these stories makes me think we are failing today’s youth. Big time.

Also, Jason is writing in his blog again, and he wants you to visit and leave him notes.

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warning: gummy bunnies

I have developed an addiction to these little gummy bunnies that I cannot shake. Jason and Barley are going to stage an intervention soon. And! I’m going to be in BIG trouble when I go to visit the dentist next week.
Try them if you must, but keep in mind: once you go gummy bunny, you won’t go back.

Evil Gummy Bunnies.

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Code Red, Purple Building

… a post in which I am a little cynical about work, but provide rationale for overall happiness.

2-3 times each work day, I hear the building’s alert system. It’s always “code (insert color here), (insert another color here) building”. Easy enough to ignore, right?

But the other day, I heard, “Code Red, Purple Building” and thought: red = fire. Oh crap. What building am I in? I don’t think it was the purple building. At least, I didn’t see or smell a fire, and no one fled. Mystery… I still am not sure what building I’m in, so I hope that someone will come get me if there really is a fire. I mean, I was told at new employee training that I am to consult my supervisor before using a fire extinguisher, so my only hope is that someone will let me know what’s going on.

Another thing about work that I think is quite silly is this notice: St Patrick’s Day Fun. I suspect work is trying to boost morale by allowing us to wear “green and jeans” on Monday (provided I have my supervisor’s permission, of course). Now I am certain that my employer is not the only one to support such activities, but it’s just a little too reminiscent of high school spirit days. What’s next? Clash day? Having said that, I do appreciate the effort to make work a more ‘fun’ experience, and I probably would appreciate it even more if I wasn’t already wearing jeans to work every day. But really, if you want to make work more ‘fun’ for me, I would suggest the following: a couple extra $$ on the paycheck, a few hours off, less confusing fire codes, someone to finish all the papers I’ve got left from grad school and UK.

Anyways, despite that cynical rant on fire alarms and spirit days, we really do have a lot to be happy about today.

First, Jason’s family welcomed a new addition yesterday. Congrats Marty (Jason’s cousin) and Cailin! We’re excited to meet the little guy (and his mom… we haven’t even gotten to meet her yet!).

Second, Barley was so so so well behaved at school last night. He was attentive, adorable, and did everything I asked him to. The teachers even used him as an example. With any luck, Barley will pass level 1 and get to wear a cute little hat like his cousin, Comet, did at his doggy school graduation.

Congrats to Trevor and Comet!  Barley hopes to follow in Comet’s footsteps someday soon.

Barley gets cuddles for his excellent doggy school performance. 

To reward him for his efforts, Jason took him for a long walk this afternoon and we made doggy treats together.

Barley helps me make doggy treats.

A third reason to be happy? It was in the 40s today and sunny. It’s my third-favorite part of winter – the warm up. (my first favorite is the first snow, and my second favorite is anytime it snows a lot after that). Having purchased new shoes, a knee brace, and official wick-away-your-sweat running clothes, I hit the trails in full force today. Jason took Barley on a 2-mile walk, and B-dog came home sooo tired. There were tons of people and dogs walking and running around the lake near our house, so I am certain our doggy enjoyed not only the walk, but also the people- and doggy-watching.

And fourth! Jason gave a stunning presentation at work today, and even wore dress clothes! I can’t actually verify the above statement about the presentation, but I hope it’s true.

Check out Jason in his “I-have-a-real-grown-up-job” outfit.

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