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Bowling vs. Skiing

My scores last night were much improved over my performance in the past 2 weeks. I blame it partially on the free beer (won by Jason in last week’s Simpson’s Trivia). Why is it that you bowl better after a drink? (note: after 2 drinks, the bowling went downhill).

That, combined with Saturday’s forecast, kind of leaves me wishing I was teaching bowling instead of skiing. You know it’s going to be cold when the daily high is a negative number.

Jan 19
Mostly Sunny -1°/-13° 10 %

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Biting off more than I can chew

I generally like to stay busy. I think I may have overdone it this time, though. I’ve managed to commit to teaching ski lessons Wednesday evenings and all day Saturday at Como Park in St Paul. I also have promised to help coach my cousin’s high school ski team. And we’re still unpacking boxes and getting the house set up, planning a wedding, and working full time. So if you don’t hear from me until… say… the end of February, you’ll know why.

Anyways, updates:

We are loving every minute of living in this house. Yes, it needs a lot of love, but things are slowly coming together. I love being able to take the bus to work, and it’s been great to live so close to a parkway where we can walk Barley.

We managed to score a free stove and fridge, so we officially have kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, we don’t have the appropriate electrical outlet for the stove, and cannot use it. Oops. Should have checked that out before moving the stove into the house. So we’ll continue to cook on the electric griddle, plug-in electric burner, and the microwave that Jeff and Andrea were kind enough to lend to us.

We’ll be starting our first big project – the basement – any day now. The paint is peeling off of the basement walls, so our first step will be to scrape the remaining paint from the walls, and then we’ll fix any cracks in the cement and skim the walls with a laytex cement. We’ll also patch any holes in the cement floor (or at least the ones that aren’t used to access pipes under the foundation), and eventually we’ll paint the basement floor. We’re also eventually going to replace the basement windows with glass block (if anyone knows how to install glass block, we’d love to have you over to teach us!).

Barley continues to crack us up. I think his little paw may have a sore on it – we suspect that he may have gotten some salt lodged into it. Hopefully it will get better without a trip to the vet.

My job is picking up, and I suddenly find myself with a lot to do at work. I’m in the process of designing some experiments and preparing to write a grant.

Wedding planning will resume this month, as we have yet to book a photographer, florist, or DJ.  We will also be working on reserving rooms at a hotel near the reception and building a wedding website so that we can think about sending out save-the-date cards soon.

I am having such a blast out on the hill! My cousin, Catherine, is skiing really great this year, so it’s fun to watch her race. 2 weeks ago, she even won a run! I’d like to take credit, but really, I don’t do much out on the hill other than chat with the kids and give an occasional pointer.

Ski lessons at Como Park are really fun, but also super-exhausting. Wednesday night, I teach 2 classes: the first class has about 15 6-10 year olds who have never skied before, and the second has 4 8-10 year old beginners. On Saturday, I have 5 classes: 2 classes of kids who haven’t skied before, 2 classes of beginners, and an advanced beginner class. The kids have been really great so far, and I’ve only had to deal with tears twice. The only drawback so far has been that my arms are incredibly sore from picking kids up out of the snow.

Bowling has not been great in 2008. And my bowling arm is sore.  But! Jason won another pitcher of beer for our team with his knowledge of the Simpsons.

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