barley *loves* his new house

December 17, 2007 at 12:22 pm Leave a comment

I think Barley’s favorite thing about the new house is the windows. He’ll sit and look out them for hours. He will occasionally bark at someone walking by – the other day, it was a man carrying a Starbucks coffee (we suspect he prefers Caribou, because he likes to support local businesses).

Oh man, I could sit here all day.

He’s also learned to do his job in the neighbor’s yard (good boy!). We didn’t even have to train that behavior.

He’s been remarkably good the past few days – he is normally a very good dog, but we think he is even more so because he’s not even remotely interested in any of the boxes or other junk we’ve got laying around, and the doggy food and treats have been laying on the floor since we moved in and he hasn’t touched it at all.

Jeez you guys, pick up your crap.

Other than obsessing about Barley’s good-ness, we’ve been busy cleaning, putting furniture back together (thank you, Ikea, for making things that are easy to move), moving furniture from one room to another, and doing other minor fixes.

“Barley, this is a tool, it’s what separates us.” -JTR, 8/14/07

In other good news, despite some skepticism, we managed to rig up a shower (the house didn’t have one before), and it only looks slightly ghetto.

Yes, that is a handheld shower, and yes, it’s super-cold when you have to put down the handheld shower to wash your hair.


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a new house! airport hugs

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