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Belated Thankful Blog

I’ve been meaning to blog about our wonderful Turkey Day in Philly all week, so here goes nothing.

Our trip started off with us running through the airport. We thought we’d be late for our flight, but when we made it to the airport earlier than anticipated, we stopped for dinner. And then, just as we were finishing up, we heard our names called over the loudspeaker. Oops. We ran. All the way across the airport. Neither one of us is in good enough shape to be doing such a thing. But! This provides evidence in support of my theory that once you check your bags, they will search for you – they won’t just ditch you.

The important thing is that we made it! Thursday we went to Thanksgiving mass with J’s immediate family, and I actually understood it! Even though it was in Catholic (and not, for example, doggy barks or mime), I knew many of the prayers, etc. I was psyched. Thursday afternoon, we went to Jason’s Aunt Elaine’s for a Thanksgiving Feast. It was delicious, and also very fun, thanks to Jason’s large and very hilarious family.

The rest of the weekend was a blur – it went by so fast. Highlights included: attending J’s cousin’s soccer game, meeting Scout (J’s cousin’s dog), going out to dinner with the Ross’ (and Sean), hanging out with J’s cousins, bowling with some of J’s friends from high school, and playing with the Heine’s. Did I leave anything out? I hope not.

Pictures are here, although I didn’t take very many:

Thanksgiving 2007

A glimpse at what I’m thankful for this year:

  • Family: I already have one super-cool family, but in 2008, I’ll get a second one! What would I do without them?
  • Health: my own and that of those around me
  • Jason, even if he has scheduled October 4, 2008 as the end of his life on his Google Calendar
  • Barley
  • The roof (roofs?) over my head
  • Having a job that I can show up to whenever I want, leave whenever I want, and wear jeans while I’m there (even if it sometimes means doing a tremendous amount of work at home).
  • My aunt and uncle for letting me live with them AGAIN! And for putting out a delicious home-cooked meal every night. I am certainly going to miss that when I move out!
  • Living in Minnesota… Snow! We’re supposed to get SNOW soon!
  • Bowling!
  • Friends! (if only I could convince them all to move to MN)!

All-in-all, I am a lucky kid.


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one half of a cute couple

My mom took a whole bunch of “engagement photos” in October when we visited. Out of the 3,000 pictures she took, there are 5 (FIVE!) that are decent enough to share with the general public (see below). In most of the omitted pictures, one of us looks cute and the other one looks mean, big-nosed, grouchy, funny, pimple-y, or just plain ugly.

I think… maybe… we’re both reasonably cute in the pictures below?

Can you tell I used to model? Perhaps I’m a bit rusty… it has been… oh… 25 years or so.

EPic 4

Mediocre Picture #1

EPic 3

Mediocre Picture #2

EPic 2

Mediocre Picture #3 – a special feature of this one is that

there’s a branch trying to pick my nose.

EPic 1

Mediocre Picture #4

EPic 5


Mediocre Picture #5 – I seriously think this might be the best one.


I am totally not even kidding you that these are the best ones we took in an hour-and-a-half-long photo session. Anyways, if I can get some votes on which (if any) of these we should let my mom publish in the annual Perry Family Christmas newsletter, that would be swell.


I think we may need to hire some stunt doubles, as well as a professional photographer if we have any hopes of obtaining any decent photos on our wedding day.


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vintage photographs

While working on a secret project for my Aunt’s birthday, I came across some stellar vintage photographs of yours truly. I thought I’d share some, although chances are most of you will see these again in some sort of wedding photomontage.

Sleeping in a box, age: 1

At my grandparent’s cabin in Canada, age: 1

Stylish at age 2: check out the sweet footwear in the above photos

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Bowling Data

I bowled a 128 last night – my all time high score. JT impressed everyone with a 156, which, in our league, is almost pro.

Also, just to brag for a minute, last week I had the highest female score in the league (after adding in handicaps, of course). I think I missed my calling when I picked a research career… Oh well, at least I can graph my bowling scores.

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Unfortunately, I have 5 papers to write.


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It’s snowing! It’s snowing! It’s snowing!

I am definitely back in the great white north.


PS I bowled a 126 on Wednesday!  A 126!

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Minneapolis House

The home inspection went well last week, so I suspect we will have no problems moving into the new house in December.

Here are some pics:

Minneapolis House

Other weekend activities included: registering for wedding gifts (more on that later, as it deserves its own post),  visiting with my grandparents (they were in Minneapolis for the weekend), and taking Barley to get his nails trimmed.

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