The Green River Lake Bug

September 18, 2007 at 9:51 pm Leave a comment

Josh and Kim and their friends Jeff and Liz took me with them to Green River Lake (about an hour south of Lexington) on Sunday. Jeff’s mom’s fiance let us borrow his new speed boat for the day, and we had a great time sitting out on the boat. I even tried wake boarding (although, I wasn’t able to get up). It’s harder than it looks. Here are some pics:

Green River Lake 9-16-07

I think the excessive amounts of water up my nose from my wakeboarding attempts may have given me a sinus infection (or maybe the moving-induced stress has weakened my immune system).  I am in a whole world of sinus/ear pain.  Oh man.  And the phenylephrine that they now put in cold medicine doesn’t do much.  I ran to Walgreens today to beg the pharmacist for pseudoephedrine, and I was not only looked over to determine whether I was a methamphetamine user, I was also informed that the phenylephrine is an “isomer” of psedoephedrine (which it is NOT) and I was interviewed for a complete list of my symptoms so that they could determine what to give me (apparently asking for something with pseudoephedrine in it is not specific enough).  Then, I handed over my license and signed my life away.  Bye bye privacy, hello cold medication.  Thank you, meth makers, for completely taking the fun out of buying NyQuil.


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$110 in 20 minutes Goodbye Kentucky!

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