Poo is petty

August 1, 2007 at 10:31 pm Leave a comment

I was all set to blog about Barley’s poo-extravaganza last night, but it seems insignificant in light of this evening’s bridge collapse in Minneapolis. Jason’s okay, my family is out of town, and we’re hoping that our friends and colleagues are all safe.

It’s pretty scary stuff – tragedy always seems to hit somewhere else, so it’s shocking when it hits that close to home. I’ve driven over that bridge a million times (and actually, I was usually a little freaked out by it since there weren’t really any shoulders on the bridge), but it’s scary to think that at any given time it could have collapsed.

So, I will tell you about Barley, but it doesn’t seem as amusing anymore.

First: Barley and I dog-sat for Darla, our friend’s dog, last weekend. It was madness – I was outnumbered 3 to 1 by animals in the house. Pair that with Darla’s long, shedding hair and the fact that I’m trying to sell the house, and it was a long weekend – which, by the way, started WEDNESDAY. Anyways, aside from the hair, the constant whining, the eating Barley’s food, the pulling my arm off on walks, the not listening to my commands, and the barking and attempting to attack other dogs, she was great.

Why won’t she play with me?

Initially, Barley was really excited to have another dog to play with. BUT, it only took him 2 days to realize that she wasn’t going to play with him. He tried his hardest to entice her – running around, nipping at her, barking, and dodging back and forth – but she would just look the other way and ignore him. It was a little bit silly, and a little bit annoying (because once he realized that she wouldn’t play with him, he came after me).

Play!  Please!

My other doggy excitement for the week came last night.  Barley woke me up around 1:30am and I slowly, sleepily got out of bed to let him out.  He then woke me up every hour on the hour to go out, until I finally had to get up at 6:30am.  As I was eating my breakfast and watching The Early Show, I discovered a little present Barley left me by the front door.  How nice!  So I had to yell at him, but he felt so bad about it (as evidenced by the lowering of his head and his tail between his legs) that it was a little heartbreaking.  After all, he is a sick puppy!  He’s been sleeping all afternoon (except for our trip to vet), and hopefully he’ll feel better tomorrow.

Okay – CNN just showed a picture of the state of Minnesota and it was labeled “Minneapolis”.  I think that’s a sign that I should stop watching and go to bed.


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