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Barley the protector dog

It’s been a while – Barley and I have been quite busy recently.

First, Barley had a *fantastic* time with his uncle Trevor. I think Trev had a pretty good time with Barley, too. Although, I suspect that my dad may have actually had the most fun with B-dogg. Trev was a great dog-walker, and him and his friends got a kick out of playing fetch with Barley and watching him roll around in the bushes when he got too hot. Trevor also enjoyed (I think) being covered in big wet Barley kisses any time he laid down on the floor.

Barley loves uncle Trevor!

Barley and Trevor play dead

Barley and Trevor pack up the Camry – doesn’t Barley look like a real life Scooby-doo? I mean, it looks like he could just walk on his hind legs!

Barley and I had a great time visiting with the fam. My mom might not have had as enjoyable of an experience – Barley left some “treats” while at my house. (for the record, I blame my family entirely – Barley has never left me any “treats”). The trip back to Lexington was long and boring, but Barley slept almost the entire way.

Rural Indiana is just THAT exciting.

Since we’ve been back, there’s been a lot of working (I put in over 40 hours in 3 days this week), a lot of house-cleaning (because you never know when someone will want to come see the house), and a moderate amount of TV-watching and walking around the arboretum. Barley has been a terrific protector dog, except that he’s afraid of the following things: the vacuum cleaner, the lawn mower, water, squeaky toys, air blowing in his face, my cell phone on speaker phone, fireworks, and storms. He’s been so scared at the storms that we’ve had the past few days that he’ll actually just sit there and tremble. So I made a little fort for him and I think it calmed him down. Jason claims that small areas are reminiscent of the caves his wolf ancestors would have lived in, so they calm him down. I think the whole thing is silly.

Barley in his wolf cave.

Barley won’t have to be my protector dog for too much longer, though, since I GOT THE JOB that I interviewed for in MINNEAPOLIS. So it looks like I will be leaving the Bluegrass for the land of 10,000 lakes sometime this fall. I’m pretty thrilled about it.

Other things I’ve been thrilled about recently include fresh fruit, the delish salmon I made on the grill Monday night (it only took 3 calls to my gramma to get it right), the tuna salad I made on Tuesday (which required an additional call to gramma), and chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream.




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4th of July Dogg

Barley had a great 4th of July! We went to the Brookfield parade in the morning, and watched my cousins and Trevor grab lots of candy. Check out Barley’s cute bandana (good thing Jason’s in MN or he would not have allowed this).

I think my cousin, Lexy, was pretty amused by the dog… At first she was a little scared, but then she was petting Barley and he was licking her.

After the parade, my cousins and aunts and uncles came over to go swimming. Barley just hung out in my mom’s garden. I’m not sure why he wouldn’t lay in the shade under the table or the huge umbrella we’ve got outside… silly doggy!

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Ashland Avenue

Over the weekend, we moved Jason into the 200 square foot studio that he’ll be renting for the next few months. It was a bit of a shock going from having an entire house to a 10 x 20 room, and it felt a little like we were moving him into a college dorm, but I think it will be enough space for JT for the next few months.

The apartment is located about a mile from downtown St. Paul and only 2.5 miles from Jason’s new lab. It’s also really close to a bunch of little shops and restaurants and only a few blocks from the million-dollar mansions on Summit Ave. So he’s in a great location!

Here are some pictures of his new space:

Jason’s New Place

While we were in the Twin Cities, we made a trip to the Herkimer (for mini-burgers and pretzels).  We also tried the Happy Gnome, which is only 2 blocks from Jason’s studio, and we met Jeff, Andrea, Clarissa, and Dan for dinner at Bryant Lake Bowl on Monday.  Other highlights from the weekend include shopping at IKEA with my cousins, Jim and Jennifer, and watching Freaks and Geeks while setting up the IKEA furniture.  Also, I think my interview went well, but we’ll find out next week.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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