The Death Roll

June 26, 2007 at 9:00 pm Leave a comment

It’s hot here. And humid. And the doggy isn’t taking too well to it, as evidenced by repeated “death rolls” when we take him on walks. The death roll, as Jason has named it, usually comes towards the end of the walk. It starts with a head-first roll in the grass, followed by some belly-up side to side movements, and it finishes with Barley laying there looking up at you. We imagine that he’s thinking, “forget it. it’s too hot out here for this crap.”

In other Barley news, we’ve tried yelling commands at him in German and Spanish to determine whether he was a fight dog trained with trigger words in foreign languages (apparently this happens sometimes). All we got were strange looks. So he might not have been a German fight dog.

Also, he is *thrilled* to meet his uncle Trevor this weekend, and I suspect that Trevor will spoil him with attention. I just hope that Trevor will be able to walk Barley, not the other way around (I mean, the dog can practically pull me around – Trevor is a little smaller…).

And, he was also very excited to receive a present from his Gran and Pop a couple of weeks ago. He is usually a bit hesitant to play with new toys when we give them to him, but he was pretty darn excited about the flying squirrel. Check it out:


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