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This Week’s Trends

Here’s a list of this week’s new trends:

  1. Running with the dog at 6am! I am a rockstar.
  2. Afternoon naps.  I love naps.  I don’t love waking up from them.
  3. Watching of The Wonder Years. I don’t think I appreciated how good the show was when it was actually on real TV (as opposed to reruns on cable).
  4. Cleaning. Not my favorite trend of the week, but the house needs to sell.
  5. Blogging more than usual. Not that I have anything to say, but its a means of procrastinating…

Tomorrow we leave for MN for the big move. We’re packing up the Camry tomorrow afternoon and then heading to MKE to drop Barley off with his uncle Trevor. I’ll try to take and post pictures from the trip and JT’s new apartment, but who knows if we’ll have internet access. Plus, I have a job interview on Monday, so I’ll have to make/practice my job talk this weekend! Wish me luck!


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The Death Roll

It’s hot here. And humid. And the doggy isn’t taking too well to it, as evidenced by repeated “death rolls” when we take him on walks. The death roll, as Jason has named it, usually comes towards the end of the walk. It starts with a head-first roll in the grass, followed by some belly-up side to side movements, and it finishes with Barley laying there looking up at you. We imagine that he’s thinking, “forget it. it’s too hot out here for this crap.”

In other Barley news, we’ve tried yelling commands at him in German and Spanish to determine whether he was a fight dog trained with trigger words in foreign languages (apparently this happens sometimes). All we got were strange looks. So he might not have been a German fight dog.

Also, he is *thrilled* to meet his uncle Trevor this weekend, and I suspect that Trevor will spoil him with attention. I just hope that Trevor will be able to walk Barley, not the other way around (I mean, the dog can practically pull me around – Trevor is a little smaller…).

And, he was also very excited to receive a present from his Gran and Pop a couple of weeks ago. He is usually a bit hesitant to play with new toys when we give them to him, but he was pretty darn excited about the flying squirrel. Check it out:

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Literacy is a good thing.

I’ve been reading lately! I blame it on the large amounts of time I’ve spent in airports and on airplanes in the last month (over 30 hours total). Here’s what I’ve read:

Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead took me several months to read, but I think it was worth it.  I actually preferred Atlas Shrugged to this one, but I’ve found what I’ve read of Rand’s work (I’ve also read Anthem) to be interesting and motivating (most likely due to the Objectivist themes).  In any case, my only complaint is that in both The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, the main character goes into a million-page rant at the end of the book and it bores me.  I figure it’s the philospher/author trying to get her main point across, but still…  no thanks.  Both of these have made the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels list, and I aspire to eventually read all the novels on these lists (so far I’ve read 4 on the Board’s list and 9 on the Reader’s list – I have a few more to read…).

John Grogan’s Marley and Me was a quick read – especially after The Fountainhead. It was cute and heartwarming, and I’m embarrassed to report that I actually cried (in public) when the dog died at the end of the book. Hope I didn’t ruin that ending for anyone.


The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck was another quick read. My recent obsession with Chinese culture inspired this selection, as well as the fact that Santa brought it to me at Christmastime! I really enjoyed it – couldn’t put it down, actually, but the ending was a little anticlimactic. The story follows the life of a Chinese farmer, Wang Lung, and focuses mostly on his connection with his land, discussing his successes and failures, good times and bad, and the novel ends with his death. No crying in public this time.


Levitt & Dubner’s Freakonomics proved to be an entertaining book, even if several topics in the book were a little hard to buy into (for example, the notion that aside from genetics and socioeconomic status, parents have no influence over their children’s test scores). Other interesting topics included why drug dealers live with their moms and how children’s names are passed from the wealthy to the working poor. Their blog also asks and answers a series of interesting questions… like why do retirees often buy bigger houses and why do fast food joints offer free meals if the cashier fails to give you a receipt?

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Bathtub Wonder

For those of you who don’t remember how horrible the bathroom was when I last posted pictures, here’s a refresher:

I am happy to announce that the bathtub no longer looks like a disaster zone. I fixed it!

And… to top it all off, I painted the bathtub before we left for Canada, and I think it turned out well. But I’ll let you see for yourself:



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La Belle Province

As promised, Quebec pictures:

Quebec 6/2007

As mentioned earlier, it was a *fantastic* trip. We did a lot of science, but also had several opportunities to walk the old city and eat delicious food. I think my favorite was the all-you-can-eat mussels at Poisson d’Avril. Yummy!

Now that we’re back in Lexington, we’ve got a busy week ahead of us! We’ve got some people coming by to see the house in the next few days, so cross your fingers that one of them takes it. Also, tomorrow night is Jason’s going away party, and his official move is on Friday, so it looks like we’ll be driving up to Minneapolis this weekend. In other exciting news, it looks like I will have an interview in Minneapolis sometime in July! More on that as details unfold.

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oh Canada!

JT and I are in Quebec this week for a conference, and it is fantastic.

Quebec is a very cute little city and we’ve had a blast wandering the old city and eating delicious food.  Also, we’ve done some science.  We’ve been busy schmoozing with the big wigs and I’ve gotten a few *almost* job offers, so that’s been great.  It’s also great to see friends/colleagues from different universities and to hear what they’ve been up to!

I’ll post pics soon!

Can anyone name all the Canadian provinces? (without checking wikipedia).

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Big News

NO… not THAT big news.

But close. (one can hope, right?)

Jason took the job in St. Paul! He’ll be moving (with Karl) July 2nd, which leaves Barley and I to fend for ourselves here in Lexington. Yes, I’m going to be bored. No, I’m no longer terrified of the dog.

So things here are changing in a big way – I feel compelled to find a job in the twin cities, which also means the house must be sold.

But! I spent last weekend at home in Milwaukee, and it seems to be just what the doctor ordered. The poison ivy cleared up (mostly due to the fact that I went to the doctor and was prescribed steriods) and I managed to get some good house-selling advice compliments of mom and dad. So now, JT and I will clean like maniacs. Today we weeded and mulched the front beds – they look MUCH better now – and we put out the “For Sale” sign. Which gets me a little chocked up. Because, it’s been a bumpy ride here, but I *love* the house!

Tuesday, JT took a 1/2 day and came to pick me up at the Louisville Airport. We spent the afternoon exploring the Louisville Zoo and guessing what Barley would do if he had been allowed to join us. We decided he would like the Lions the best, because they are the same color as him, and looked to be just as lazy. Following our zoo trip, we went to Browning’s, a brewpub in downtown Louisville, for dinner. Jason gives it a 2.5 out of 5. I’ll just say it’s no Herkimer.

Louisville 6-5-07

When we got home, we took Barley to PetSmart to pick up some more treats, since he’s been such a good boy!  Jason managed to kennel train him while I’ve been gone, so we thought we’d get him some safer chew toys to keep him busy while we’re at work.  We picked up a Kong – it looks to be promising, and we can stuff it with peanut butter, doggy biscuits, and other treats.  We also took him to see the adoption animals, and he was absolutely enthralled by the guinea pig.  It was pretty adorable (no, I am NOT adopting another pet).

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