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Our trip to Minnesota started out a bit rough, but we finished strong. Thursday, we missed our 5:25am flight due to alarm malfunction (aka Jen set her alarm for 4PM, not 4AM) and we were incredibly lucky to get on another flight, since there are about 5 flights out of Lexington each day. An additional bonus was that Jason got to eat Qdoba during our connection in Atlanta (yes, we flew south to go north).

When we finally arrived in MSP, we made our way to the Herkimer, JT’s favorite uptown hangout, where we met up with friends and ate nachos, pretzels, and mini-burgers until we couldn’t eat any more. In fact, I am still full from all the eating we did. Yummy.

JT enjoys his Herkimer nachos

After the H, we headed back to Jeff and Andrea’s to watch the Office season finale and check out their cute dog, Frank, who we hope will be Barley’s best friend if/when we move back to Minneapolis.

JT’s interviews were all day Friday, and he claims that he impressed everyone that interviewed him. We should find out just how impressed they are tomorrow. I spent the majority of the day Friday talking with my graduate advisor, Marilyn, as well as Jen (postdoc) and Justin (grad student) who still work in the lab. After my meetings and JT’s interview, we headed over to St. Thomas to move my cousin, Jim, out of the dorms. We’ve figured out why he’s so skinny: his room was on the 7th floor and the dorm’s only elevator was slow. Of course, a trip to St. Paul wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to Izzy’s, home of the world’s best ice cream (even Jason’s brother, Kevin, the bona fide ice cream expert said it was good). After ice cream: dinner at Galactic Pizza with Jeff, Andrea, Aaron, Mike, and Mike’s dogs. Then, back to my aunt & uncle’s house to hang out with my super-awesome cousins Jennifer and Catherine.

mmm… mini-burgers…

Saturday, we tortured Jennifer and Catherine pretty much all day. First, a trip to the megamall (of course!) and Ikea. Then, to Best Buy and Target. And, to feed our bellies after a long day of shopping, we stopped at Sebastian Joe’s for more ice cream (Kevin approves of Sebastian Joe’s, too), and the Herkimer for more pretzels, nachos, and mini-burgers. Then, back to their house to watch movies (or, if you’re me, to pass out on the couch 5 min into the movie).

Sunday was uneventful – we returned the rental car and flew back to Lexington.

This week we’ve just been hanging out with the dog. Jason is still waiting for the job offer of his dreams, and I’ve been getting ready for my trip to San Diego on Thursday (I’m speaking at a conference).


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