Breckenridge, Part 2

April 18, 2007 at 8:46 pm Leave a comment

Well, we (barely) made it home safely. More on our travel incidents later. First, a recap of the week:

Friday: Flew to Denver, with a 3 hour stop in Minneapolis. Jeff and Andrea picked us up and took us to the Herkimer, where we met Mike. Pretzels, Nachos, Mini-Burgers, and Beers were consumed by all. And they were delicious. We need a Herkimer in Lexington.

Saturday: Mom, Dad, Robby, and Trev picked up Jason, Ash, and I at the hotel we stayed at Friday night. A smooshed hour-long ride to Breckenridge followed, but we did see buffalo and big-horned sheep. We walked around and went to Breckenridge brewery while we waited to check into our Condo. The condo my parents rented was great – only a 1/2 block from the chairlift, and had enough bedrooms, bathrooms, and TVs for all 7 of us.

Sunday: Skiing!

Monday: Skiing! (J hung out in the condo and downtown with my mom and Ash, so I did some “extreme” skiing with my dad, Robby, and Trevor). Trevor even rode the Imperial Express Chairlift to the top of the mountain to ski the powder on the double black diamonds! Despite lots of “are you crazy for bringing a kid up here” looks, Trevor actually skied much better than most of the adults up there.

Tuesday: Skiing! It snowed pretty much all day Tuesday, and it was windy and cold, and a little miserable, but we perservered. Jason ended up skiing a blue square/black diamond run, and even though he wasn’t very happy about it, I think he did a great job.

Wednesday: Jason, my mom, and I hung out in the condo for a bit and then went shopping while Dad, Trev, and Robby went skiing. When the boys came back from skiing, my dad, Jason, and I walked around Main Street.

Thursday: More skiing!

Friday: Skiing! I think Friday was the best day of skiing all week – sunny, and it snowed Thursday night, so the snow was great.

Saturday: We drove back to Denver over the continental divide (because Jason has never seen the continental divide, and that is a MUST see). Then, we had the craziest airport experience – thanks, Northworst! First, we got yelled at for packing 2 pairs of skis in a 2-ski bag (note that on, they say you can pack 2 pairs/bag). Then, we end up re-packing our bags so that we didn’t go over the weight limit (because I was NOT going to pay $25 extra after the lady got snippy with me). Then, the lady starts explaining to us how the scale works – I think because I mentioned that we packed the exact same things in the bag and the bag weighed 20 lbs less on the way to Denver. After we finally got everything re-packed, they checked our bags without even checking our IDs!

Fortunately, the rest of the flights went relatively smoothly. We almost got to stay in Minneapolis Saturday night, but JT had to get home to finish his taxes, so we came back to KY.

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Breckenridge, Part 2

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