Some awesome things… and some not-so-awesome things

January 9, 2007 at 12:24 am Leave a comment

First, the not-so-awesome things:

1. The colds J and I are currently battling.
2. The camry that won’t start (and it’s not a battery problem, so the fix is likely to involve a tow, and some serious labor/parts costs).
3. The hot water heater that is relieving pressure by spewing water on the basement floor.
4. The leaking cold water line on the bathroom sink.
5. Fox, for cancelling The OC.

Now for the awesome things:

We have some great friends in Lexington, I mean, great. Seriously, with this whole car thing, we’ve been lucky to have people close by to help us try to jump the car, take us to pick up thai food, and drive us to the grocery store. And not only that, but it’s nice to get the advice of people who have lived here a while when looking for things like auto repair shops, or when trying to move items that won’t fit in the camry (e.g., dressers).

Also, this video about spiders on drugs makes me giggle. And, if you haven’t seen Ok Go’s video where they dance on treadmills, you should check it out. You will never look at a treadmill the same way again. I am starting to love – no wonder I was Time’s 2006 person of the year!

And, my last awesome thing for today: the Herbie is trying to lose weight. What is the Herbie? Our trash recepticle. Rosie (recycling container) and Lenny (yard waste container) are his sidekicks.

Herbie and Rosie, in all their glory

As much fun as it is to have waste containers that are actually named, it gets better. The other day, we got a little flier in the mail:

Lose 800 Pounds Next Year
Trim Herbie’s waste with a low-garb diet

I am not even joking you. Even better:

“Who amongst us hasn’t vowed that after the holidays we’ll go on a diet! Dieting is no fun and keeping the weight off requires changing our eating habits. In 2007, we hope you will create a diet plan for Herbie… There is no need for the Rosie recycling cart to be skinny when Herbie is so fat.”

I love it. Love it. Thank you Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government for making throwing out trash so entertaining.


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